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  1. just got done testing it again seems that during my head replcment I may have shifted them around it is working perfectly now
  2. just got done testing them if you want to use them in your game go to my poste in mod market
  3. I have been working for a while on a set of alternate sprites and while all of the overworld sprites are my work the transition, the ball throw animation, and the avatar photo are not my work and I will include the links to the original now Wes ball throw https://www.deviantart.com/mid117/art/Commission-PKMN-Colosseum-Wes-Backsprite-842604661 Wes battle poste and avatar https://www.deviantart.com/neosth2001/art/Wes-Pokemon-Cobalt-364693531 How to install These pictures replaces files in graphics section of your rejuv folder go to each section and copy and paste these files in and rep
  4. In my free time I made some wes sprites. They are even named to be able to be put into rejuv
  5. Tri Tournament - Season 3 has ended order won - working on updates to it to make it better Feilds - we got the corrosive mist and mountain fields in they are in beta - working on inverse field Draft - starting soon Other - we have a dev log to show development history - the dev self role will let you get pinged about updates and other important information about the development process - reworked self roles to make it just better as now you can get pinged about events - new animated logo thanks to infinite infrared (
  6. It has been a while so if anyone is interested here is the latest update. Tri tournemnt - Latest season is starting on the 18th we are doing nat dex doubles for this season, our double feild format is working nicly - We have streamlined it with just the Tri tournament cup (a nat dex doubles tournament), the gameshow, skribble, art contest and gyms. - The gyms have gotten their doubles teams ready for the TT ready to have some fun! Community days - we now have community days: when we are not having the TT every week or sometimes two times a week we will have a speed tour or play games
  7. oh one last thing that I forgot one of our members made us this wonderfull banner thank you infinite! They also made a animated server icon! also before I forget we also got a new intro video! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2wtfzLRc5kQ
  8. Tri-Tournament - Season 2 will be ending 2/15 - the tracker has been updated a ton it even has a tab that is used to calculate points so you can see where the yall come from - so far order is winning by a margin with destruction close on its heels - so far we are thinking of doing doubles for the tri tour cup and the mini leauge for season 3 - current ideas for next seasons gameshow is: Pyramid (have people guess a pokemon off facts like dex entries), maybe try a who wants to be a milionare one (Each team seperate see how far they can go), some people want wheel of fortune but
  9. Tri-Tournament - Season 2 will be starting 1/4/21 - the schedule for the events can be seen in the points tracker - it will start off with skirmish (a even where teams select members to represents them in selected formats in a 3 person round robbin) - we will then have the Pokémon gameshow partway through we are doing family feud as the theme for this season - it will then go to the tri tournament cup qualifiers (Swiss-system top 8 go into tournament proper gen 8 nat dex uu) - then the tri tournament cup proper - meanwhile we will have the the gyms run UU teams for the p
  10. We made a intro video! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hfp1Y_ywMwg&t=3s
  11. Hello I am working on a Pokémon themed family feud game and I need survey responses to make it work so if could take fill this forum out that would be of a great help I will be posting the results on reddit once I run the game with my friends (I will share those results too) There are 63 responses right now the goal is 100 I hope this turns out as fun as I hope it will be. Reddit Link: https://www.reddit.com/r/pokemon/comments/jo5b85/making_a_pokemon_family_feud_gameshow_i_need/ Link: https://forms.gle/tdLB1raCjLy153oC6 Results: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Fp5gxNcROYPHzfk-q4gA
  12. I am going to try and make this a weekly thing keep you all updated, well at least the people who want to keep updated Tri tournament - Season 1 of the tournament has ended and team destruction has won! - for next season we are going to have gyms and the E4 into it so you can collect badges and earn points for your team! The format the gyms will follow is Nat Dex UU - we are almost done reworking the point values system to make sure everything is worth doing. - working on a specials event we are calling field wars (still wip its complicated to program into showdown and esp
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