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  1. So, it didn't work. All of the cutscenes in this house didn't work for me. I just get stuck. So, previously I had to debug past this house's cutscenes. Maybe it was the debug mod that did it?
  2. Hey guys so is no one going to help me with this? I have not been able to continue my rejuvenation save file, so please help!
  3. Technowiz


    Disclaimer; I do not dislike reborn's Game-z in-fact I like the concept. But these are the problems I've been experiencing with Game-z Hey It might be with my computer but the overworld in game-z just doesn't run properly, Only in Opal Ward and Obsidia ward does it run properly. Otherwise Character will lag every 2 steps [No exaggeration}. And even in Opal and Obsidia on bike only when you are facing down does it not lag. Battles are fine. And Agate has Hail so more lag. So i have to switch to the Game/RGSS player if you want to explore overworld.
  4. I think that you can enter carotos from behind the waterfall and there will be an elevator to the right. Please try bcuz I'm pretty sure that is the way but I mught be Wrong.
  5. Happened with me too, if you try to go to the place with your character before you get ren and aelita it will not allow you to swap, you have to load a backup.Sorry.
  6. Hey guys so this is after i beat marianette and after the cutscene with Venam. And when she took me to route 3, my player became invisible. So please help I am using Waynolt's Mod and the Debug Mod. post wont allow upload so https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wXy0rR46cMo
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