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  1. So stupid question probably but I was reading some stuff with the romance thing and all but something that caught my eye was someone saying playing the game 3 different times to get different endings when the game is finished and now am i wondering is there going to be different endings or, is this something you dont know yet or a hush hush thing?

    1. Jan


      There are different endings, yeah.

    2. Dragonslayer7500


      Im geussing ones a good/best ending ones nuetral and ones bad?

  2. I feel like that this is a very stupid question but I want to play Pokemon desolation and I cant find a way to download it to play it? How blind am I right now? 

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    2. Gentleman Jaggi

      Gentleman Jaggi

      Do you have a zip file extractor? 7zip or winrar or the like

      If you already have one try changing the file type to .zip

    3. TurtleBear


      got it thank you  for your help

    4. ShadeStrider


      The Silence has been broken!


      Cazuhira Miller has Spoken!

  3. So this is probably a stupid question, but is Pokemon desolation still being worked on? And where can i find information about the game?
  4. So I feel stupid so sorry if you have answered this before but the shared PC mod doesn't work for me when I try and copy from reborn and I don't see it in you mod list. Is there something I haven't tried yet or am I just being blind?
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