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  1. As someone said on this thread(maybe idk) They found a florin execution image, i think i got florin killed or at least arrested but i want to know if anyone is willing to make a video of that if possible. What i mean is take a video of that secne playing out
  2. Um just to ask jan, where is the post where "Flora" hacked you and did a Q&A sort of thing, im trying to find that.

  3. And you what is your favorite pokemon from gen 8 ?

    1. Dragonslayer7500


      Its a tie between Cinderace and Toxictricty

  4. Just to ask, Ame what is your favorite pokemon from gen 8?

    1. Dreamblitz




      My best guess would probably be this or hatterene, lets see how well I do.

    2. Amethyst


      it's that and hatterene.

      also alcreamie.

      basically fairy types are the best as always.

      no weezing is not a fairy type. 

    3. Dragonslayer7500
  5. Just to ask, Jan what is your favorite pokemon from gen 8?

    1. Jan


      Cursola and Runerigus. Big fan of Dracovish too.

    2. Dragonslayer7500
    3. RoyChaos


      For me, I like Cinderace and Galarian Darmanitan.

  6. Whats the map rxdata for? also i found a few, but are any inside bulidings?
  7. It means in the starter room if you do something you can find hidden rooms that have a different pokemon other then the starters
  8. Just a suggestion but, would be possible to make a hidden starters thing?
  9. Amethyst if your ok with me asking what is the boss rush?
  10. Happy Late Birthday Jan! When you start making v13 i hope production goes well! 

    Also if its ok to ask whats your favorite part of making these versions?

    1. Jan


      Mapping the areas out for sure. :]

    2. Dragonslayer7500
  11. I saw on your redux mod thing that you said to find the note to fight Revenant Corey and to do that you need to save the boy. which boy?


    Edit: what do you get for beating revenant corey?

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