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  1. Deino i know you have to collect certain items for. I thinks it dark matter???. For gible its late in the game around chapter 12 or something. Idk where honedge is tho
  2. So i been trying to find the switch that will let me raise the crystal bridge in the hidden cave behind that locked rangers hideout in silver rise. I just cant find it anyone know where it is?
  3. I am so hyped for this game
  4. should we even be talking about the saki thing here? I mean i know its pretty much teasing future events for v13 but still.
  5. Well her Daraludon is gonna be quite the interesting fight
  6. I think i had a pokemon with rain dance to weaken her attacks. Then just switched to my swift swim floatzel and aqua tailed most things to death
  7. the link doesnt work anymore the file is gone from mega
  8. wow I never knew how bad Keta looked health wise and now I feel even worse for the guy.
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