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  1. I've gone there and the man asks me to head north. Where exactly is there?
  2. I'm in the part in which you need to collect Willow's package and I've tried the Gate with the truck but it isn't there. Could someone tell me where it is?
  3. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a fun day 😉🍰

  4. These are all of the ones I remember
  5. If you win the battle, which can be done if you don’t use the moves she mentions, you don’t miss any items or other rewards, but
  6. Pokemon Essentials has Victini as a default Mystery Gift and Jan forgot to remove it, so it was available as one in Versions 1 and 2.
  7. Go behind the waterfall below the arena.
  8. You need to complete both V11 and the Lost Camp (All upgrades and children). Then head to the District of Hope. Mosley will be outside the hospital.
  9. I’m also from Brazil. But I’m from Rio. I don’t know anyone who has played Reborn, though.
  10. My strategy for Amaria, if it can even be called one, was to use a Shedinja and a Dry Skin Heliolisk (This was in singles). Shedinja was only able to be killed by Wishiwashi, so when it came in I switched to Heliolisk, which killed it with Parabolic charge. I wouldn’t recommend this ‘strategy’ unless you really wanted to get on with the story, as it’s really cheap.
  11. If you have debug mode, you can check the mystery egg variable. It doesn’t tell you what egg each number is, though.
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