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  1. Thanks a lot ! Finally i won't take half an hour to hatch my eggs~ Sorry about the controls, i'm using an AZERTY keyboard so it's easier for me to remap them.
  2. There you go, hopefully you can find out what's wrong with it. Thanks ! game.rxdata
  3. Hi ! I'm not quite sure if I messed up something or if I'm just really dumb, but either way, I can't get the Bike Voucher for some reason. Basically, that officer is supposed to give me the voucher, from what I've seen, once I get out of the house and walk away. But, in fact, he just never comes. I've tried with another save file I had and I indeed managed to get that voucher from finishing that quest. Does it have to do with the fact that I never came back here until the city was restored ? Is there a way to alter my save file to get a voucher or a bike instead, maybe ? Or
  4. Wow, got no time to come here, i was super-busy.. But i'm finally here, and i have to say that your work is awesome ! Thank you for the pic, it looks perfect ! Stay awesome ! o/
  5. C-can i have a s-signature about Kingdom Hearts ? E-especially about the character Xion. She's my favorite character of all time~ Here's a picture of Xion, but use any picture you want, there's a lot on the internet. (It's from the manga) My favorite quote about Xion is "Am I not supposed to exist ?.." Thanks ! Take your time, if you don't want to do it, there's no problem at all, i don't want to be annoying or rude or something.
  6. We're talking about our favorite pokemon ? Mine is... I don't really know. I think it's Tenefix because i'm in love with a lot of Dark-type pokemons. Even if i love Cindaquil, Flygon, Eevee, Absol, and the blue Gardevoir. Well, Minun is cool. And Skarmory is great. And bla bla Aron bla bla Tropius bla bla bla...
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