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  1. Ok so I'm having a hard time with the second gym so I was curious if I could get a Aron before the second gym to help and if so how can I get it? All of my team is level 25, said team is made up by a Noibat, Roselia, Braixen and a Bronzor (Probably gonna replace the Bronzor later)
  2. I'll get straight to the point, like the title implies I wanna get a certain Pokémon for my team but idk how to or if I even can, the Pokémon in question are the gible line, the honedge line and the deino line. So if you know anything about these Pokémon it would be a great help!
  3. Omg thank you so much! It worked so now i don't have to restart everything and all the grinding that I did!!!!!
  4. No, I don't think that's the problem it keeps saying 'Script 'PokemonField" line 1637: NoMethodError occurred. undefined method 'spriteset' for # <Scene_Intro:0xc206c98>' and this problem happened after I saved in front of a mandatory trainer
  5. Hi, my save file won't load anymore!! it keeps saying that a file is missing, is there anyway i can fix this, i would rather not restart the game cause of all to progress i put into this save file and cause i would rather not re do all of the hair pulling battles my version is 12 if that helps The problem was resolved!
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