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  1. UPDATE: A friendly user helped me change my sprite in PMs. My transition is complete, thank you all very much!
  2. Yeah, so basically when I'm in a double battle (with Fern at least) I can't choose which Pokemon I want to attack if the enemy has two Pokemon on the field. (After I knock out one, I can target Fern's Pokemon just fine though.) This only occurs when I'm using the Game-Z application. ...Except it randomly fixed itself while I wrote this post?? I re-opened the game (after multiple tests, mind you) to get a screenshot and then it was working fine???? Uh, good work I guess. Customer satisfaction is 10/10. (i already wrote this post tho, so. and maybe you should know it happ
  3. (I want to change to the dark-haired, light-skinned masc character, btw)
  4. https://www.rebornevo.com/forums/topic/52170-changing-player-gender-model/?do=findComment&comment=908394 I've followed the person's instructions here to change my gender to 'm' for variable 151 and flipped the 'is f' switch to false, but I can't figure out how to change my sprite. I've monkeyed with that 179 variable a bit, but nothing seems to happen. I could do more, but also I've had a few things happened which made me briefly wonder if I messed up the game, so maybe I should not. At this point, I think my gender is technically male, and I could fix my character
  5. I actually do have Debug mode. I've figured out how to change my name, but not my sprite or gender. I'm past Agate, I am afraid.
  6. I have an old save file I feel like returning to, but my gender got transed since last playing. Is there a way to access hrt and legal name change in-game?
  7. In case you didn't know, there is a way to have multiple saved games by manipulating files on your computer (which you can look up on the forums). But yeah, could be interesting to have extra features if you play the game twice. Absolutely no idea if that's feasible though.
  8. I downloaded Redux, but, whenever I try to extract or do anything with it, an error message pops up saying, "Can not open file [Pokemon Reborn Redux] as archive". Does anyone know what I can do to fix this?
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