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  1. I just wanted to know if i can copy my save file from my home pc to say a pc i use in school (bc i spend quite a bit of time there and their pc's r faster than mine -_-) can't i just copy my save file from my pc's C-drive then paste it to my school's pc C-drive or is tht simply not the case?
  2. actually...idk if this 1 would work better...this was the last 1 i took b4 i messed up by deleting everything...i think it's saved to my c drive (idk if i have to put it somewhere else) but the game won't recognize it...it also has the lvl 100 pokemon Game - 163 - Nasir - 33h 46m - 3 badges.rxdata
  3. idk if it would work anymore being that i basically started a new game...but if i can get it all back i'll give it a shot...Thank you Game.rxdata.rxdata
  4. So i messed up pretty badly...i tried to load my game off of a previous save file (this is off the heels of my last post) and started to delete some of the recent save files i thought i didn't need (i basically deleted all of the saves i made yesterday) and for whatever reason I couldn't get to the save i wanted...so i started to look through the menu options and i seen the "delete this save" option and i did...long story short i put myself in an even worse position by basically starting a new game...i have the save file i think i need (albeit my pokemon r still at lvl 100) and wanted to know how can i resume my game from that file because either idk how to do it or it doesn't work
  5. so i tried to battle my friend online and something weird happened... we couldn't even battle because a script error appeared on my screen and made me restart my game...when i turned it back on all of my pokemon i used for the online battle became stuck at lvl 100 and idk how to fix it...i would like to use some of these pokemon throughout my journey so if anyone can help me asap that would b great I had an Ampharos lvl 31, Swanna lvl 37, Roselia lvl 35, Alolan Sandshrew lvl 33, Camerupt lvl 37, and a Solrock lvl 33....tho i wouldn't be mad if i could get them all back at lvl 40 lol
  6. I think that there r 2 exp shares...i think 1 is in the desert if i recall correctly...they probably updated it so idk its been a while Nvm i think i'm wrong...there were 2 amulet coins...sorry
  7. So I was in the cave next to Cory's gym and I came across a Spewpa who was able to use protect 5 times in a row. i'm kinda ignorant to a lot of things involving pokemon so i'm not sure if this is just bc that swewpa was incredibly lucky or a simple bug...if it is a bug i just thought i should bring it up
  8. Can someone please send me a link to the latest versions of pokemon rejuvenation and where love lies bc I'm not sure if I'm downloading the right versions...also srry if I'm not supposed to use this to not ask questions like this lol
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