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  1. Other than putting his sister in danger, fern is just a harmless plant that can’t pose a threat to anyone. He’ll be in a jail cell waiting for the player to rescue him .
  2. My steel types are going to tear El a new asshole .
  3. Fern started off as a rival but always abhor and detest the player due to him being that damn good. Which in turn, force fern to actually train his Pokémon however due to the player being a better trainer than in him and knowing how to exploit all his Pokémon's weaknesses. He continue to lose almost every single battle to the main protagonist which as a result, force him to abandoned every single though of fame and glory to join team meteor due to his insecurities as a trainer and the lack of success of cultivating a strong brand of strength. Thus, lead me to my conclusion that fern may died in episode 19. Also, he's reference as the beaded hope which in turn may lead to him or florina to died.
  4. He needs to died in order for Florina to serve as a gym leader for future generation .
  5. Blake let an entire city starved and locked heather in a cage on top of Mt. Amerterine , one of the coldest area in the game. Dude , have people begging him for food but all he cares about is himself. Hell , Cal , try to be a better person after throwing Kiki’s Medicham into the volcano. Likewise,he’s the only person in the game that if he dies I wouldn’t shed a tear . Edit: Fern may be insecure but Blake takes being asshole to a whole new level.
  6. @nguyengiangoc That’s a fate worse than death . However , I believe fern should be executed by Lin after losing to the protagonist for the 7th time .
  7. True, Fern is a lovely soul just misguided and jealous of other success . He just need to be show the light and the error of his ways . I believe he’ll be redeemed if his sins and won’t suffer the same fate of his fellow allies like Sirus and Solaris .
  8. They better give me the option to kill fern or keep him alive.
  9. I was expected the game to release next year before rejuvenation yet I’m still excited nonetheless .
  10. I know the legendary aren’t the only procedure left in the game development . However , I still believe there’s not much left to developed in this game ,right . There’s some side quest left and story elements need to be finish and appended to the game .
  11. Awesome !!! The legends side quest is about to be completed however the game isn’t completed yet due to bugs. However , I believe the game will release mid October or early November.
  12. Charizard , Infernape and Garchomp are going to eat some Meteor asses.
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