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  1. SharedPC mod is useful for transfering pokemon between saves but can also be used for transferring pokemon between rejuv and reborn. I suspect you're using the reborn version of SharedPC mod on rejuvenation which won't work.
  2. I asked waynolt if it would be possible to patch sharedpc and now it's been patched, @Dreamblitz look at page 30 in the thread for the regular swm modpack and add it to this one if you want.
  3. Damn that was quicker and easier than expected :o i'll notify dreamblitz so he adds it to the official rejuv swm pack
  4. Waynolt is there any chance you could fix the shared pc mod for rejuvenation modular modpack again? Many people want to be able to cross transfer their pokemon between reborn and rejuvenation.
  5. I hope the shared pc mod gets updated so i can share my favourite pokemon between reborn and rejuvenation
  6. Which trainers have it? I need one too but I don't know who I can steal it from. Oops this is not reborn.
  7. I'm also curious about the date for the new update. Also is it gonna be based on version 18.4.1 of pokemon reborn?
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