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  1. Luvdisc: Make Attract succeed regarless of target's gender, Sweet Kiss, Charm, Captivate, Heart Stamp and Draining Kiss will attract target. Speed +25% (Please make usable Luvdics come true before they go extinct because of heart scale farming)
  2. I have all three of them, Scyther has perfect IVs in both Atk and Speed + Adamant nature. Are you online right now?
  3. khanh_mai

    LF Golett

    Lets try again
  4. khanh_mai

    LF Golett

    My username is khanhmai0308, Im waiting for trade request so you can trade rn
  5. khanh_mai

    LF Golett

    Is a No Guard Docile Golett good? If you're online rn, I can trade it. I dont need anything so you can trade me a random pokemon
  6. Can you add Anju's Pendant to my inventory? I completed the trial but forgot to get it And thanks for taking your time to write us a guide :). You are a savior Game.rxdata
  7. I need to get access to the Rotom change room to get the stamp and Anju's Pendant (if possible). My save file suffer from the Narcissa quest bug (I missed the part from before changing the crystal cave (didnt have Dark Pulse) to the part where I unlocked the room of Altair's Family in the past) but I completed the last parts. I heard there were Rotom and Fairy Memory too, and I may missed them forever. For the Anju Pendant, I completed the maid trial and got the password but forgot to find it. I dont want to replay the game again (at least, for now) as this is already my third playthrough and I put a lot of dedication into it. Thanks for reading through my situation and and making such a good game, Im really looking forward to V13 :). EDIT:Nevermind, I figured it out.
  8. 1.Will there be any rework in the future, like when V10 (Or it was 11) that a lot of maps and scenes are changed? 2.Have you completed the story yet? Or, it is finished but there may be rework to add more details 3.Does Nastasia still have her Deoxys? 4.The age of each main characters? (If possible, MC included, at least their appearance age if their age has impact to the story(Adress' stuff)) 5.Do you consider adding legendary/mythical/UB pokemons in the last Vs? (And please tell me if you do, you wont make us catch all non-legendary pokemon, I have Poipole PTSD) 6.Love your game : ) p/s: Im not very proud of my english skill so im sorry if the are errors in my questions
  9. There are the Narcy questline bug and the game crash after the Bladestar transmission like some people had told Also, when I was battling Adam, some weird bugs happend. After defeated Sudowoodo with Talonflame, I switched to Serperior, Adam sent out Aerodactyl but his spot was blank, there was no Aerodactyl sprite, some notify pop up (closed it as when playing Reborn I had some notify look like that and nothing very wrong happend).I used Leaf Storm (thought it was just a visual bug),the game said my Serperior used Leaf Storm and "but the was no target" though it was single battle and Sudowoodo didnt faint because recoil dmg or something, it just fainted normally because my Talonflame's Acrobatics. This is my error log: errorlog.txt Also, I can walk through some buildings at GDC, especially Nightmare City. I sorry if there is mistake in the Sudowoodo part, I dont remeber clearly it was Talonflame or Nidoking defeated Sudoowodo if it is important.
  10. If enemy's pokemon uses Circle Throw, my Pokemon will disappear. My Pokemon still can attack however
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