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  1. I think you need to visit the mansion in the present (in Darchlight Woords) to get the key.
  2. Congrats ! In case you didn't know yet you can use the ability capsule to change a pokemon's ability if you wish to, including hidden ones.
  3. Oh ok, I didn't know. It's fine, I don't really need it :)
  4. Sure I will send the request. I missed the Oval Charm so if you have a spare one that would be great, otherwise I don't really need anything though.
  5. Ok i got them. PM me when you are ready.
  6. Do you still need this ? I can help but I need to breed them first.
  7. Levy

    Jasper Ward

    Sorry if I get this wrong as I played the early game quite a while ago, but isn't after the first badge we are supposed to go to Onyx for the second one ?
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