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  1. Managed to finish the quest line ty to those who got me out of the bind i was in ^^
  2. I Did, I Got past that point so Im good there, But Now I need to find a key to get into the room that odd Rotoms located in the mansion where the player and Narcy end up Idk where to look for that
  3. I Made my way there, but nothing happened, thats the part im stuck at
  4. I Need help with this See I Did the Odd house quest, then I did the Quest In West gearen, and I Escorted Narcissa's past self in the Phantasmal cavern but after that Im stumped Can someone inform me on what to do next please?
  5. How Do I Activate The Mods? Cause I Placed the files in the right spots but i dont see a option to turn them on
  6. Managed to fix The Error I Was Having With Rejuvenation
    Well I Think I Did that is ouo;


  7. I Really Want To Know How To Fix the Character Appearance From Version 9 To Version 12 Of Rejuvenation xwx

  8. Happy Birthday :D, i hope that you will have a great day ^^

  9. Been A While Since I Came On the forums =w=

    1. Chickens


      ye welceome back

    2. Zarc


      Welcome back :) 

  10. Long Story Short...
    Ciel From Pokemon Reborn Is Freaken Cheap >^>

  11. Is Episode 15 Of Pokemon Reborn Available Or Is It Still In Beta?

    1. Shing



      It's available for people so joined in this forum for a time, and since you joined here, you can download EP 15.

    2. Sharu


      Its still in beta. I am waiting for stable version

    3. Fumble


      Actually, beta was for ace members only. This is the third release now, for MORE BUG FIXES!

  12. I Have No Idea How To Activate The Evnt With Shelly In The Old House On Episode 14 Plz Help Me D=

    1. Cepheus


      have you talked to EVERYONE (reachable) in the city?

    2. Kurotsune


      ^ This. Talk to absolutely everyone you meet. Even if it doesn't seem relevant.

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