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  1. I HAVE GREAT NEWS! So as some of you maybe aware, I'm going to restart my Rejuvenation Bug Type Mono Run. Now some of you maybe asking some questions such as "Are you gonna record every single thing like in the last 1?" or "Are you gonna catch every Bug Pokemon like in this 1 like the other?" or maybe "why are you restarting it at all?" Well I have the answer to these questions! And maybe other ones too if you have any to ask.


    So am I gonna record every single bit of the game like the other playthrough? Umm... Hell yea I am! If I remember correctly, I think Rejuvenation is revamping the story somewhat? I can't remember. Plus, I can't remember the whole story.


    Am I gonna catch every Bug Type Pokemon like in the last 1? The answer to that is no. I realized that I didn't need to catch every Bug Type Pokemon for a Bug Type mono run... Well I realized that when I got done with the current version. So I'm only gonna be using Bug Type Pokemon that I like using.


    Why am I restarting this game at all? Well besides the game getting a revamp/forgetting a lot of the plot, this is where the exciting news comes in. I am actually having an intro made for the game! So the regular intro you're used to won't be used for this! I just got the rough draft of it and it's way better than what I had imagined in my head! I can't wait for it to be fully done and to see the final product!


    This... Is gonna be... AAAWWWEEESSSOOOMMMEEE!!!

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