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  1. Does anybody know any sort of reliable online work anyone can do to earn money? By reliable I mean you can confirm it is not a scam. This whole fiasco is depleting my cash and food supply quickly, figured it can't hurt to ask here as well.

  2. List us your team man, surely we can help out.
  3. Now I'm hooked, even though there were many mistakes. Didn't want to hazard anyone else with a first shot so I took a selfie and went along. Gyarados was just an unfortunate accident. But it turned out okay Forum won't let me upload more directly. Here's Gyarados > https://imgur.com/a/Ms2sPEf
  4. Rejuvination is safer and offers 3 difficulties. There are Audino trainers in the cities to help you out in case you need a quick experience fix. And if you feel like it's too much, you can reduce the difficulty. Grinding will 100% happen if you religiously use the team of 6 in both of those games. In a way that you'll be leveling a different type just to get by. What I'm saying is considering the level cap being reachable easily, don't hesitate to switch around. Over time you might end up with like 15 pokemon. Very cool stuff. And even cooler - you'll end up using pokemon you probably never would in any other pokemon games.
  5. Waaaay too curious to have fear cockblocking me
  6. LemonJones


    Considering you're losing patience I'll give you a simple one if nothing else works. Set your Blaziken up with +6 bulk up and delete everything. In this case I'd go with double kick-ing everything down. Doesn't matter if you build your whole team around it. That's how you win. Every. Single. Battle.
  7. LemonJones


    Drop us some more details. Like which pokemon are you using, their moves and such.
  8. Shallow reasons It would feel like a trophy too considering who she is. And the way she is. You know, challanging/tricky to win over.
  9. Finally something relatable on this glorified flu parody called Coronavirus. Which evolved into a fancier, aesthetically "scarier" name to be more convincing. Took way too long for articles that actually question this bullshit to start popping up. To me it is outrageous that questioning is only beginning to happen.


    Yes, as you can tell, I'm calling this thing the biggest troll feeding I've ever been a witness to. Ever since the day one. For me it went from laughing > anger > annoying > disapointment. In that order.


    In the end though, I might end up being fond of this due to philosophical debates it will bring up.



  10. Hello there. Enjoy your stay and more importantly have fun with the game!
  11. Isn't it interesting how every now and then a specific group of people gets bummed out? As if they are selected as a group. Usually those who are somewhat compatible with one another fall into a pit at the same time.

    Interestingly enough, this forum attracts venting of its members. Is it the color? Tone of the game it hosts? Or perhaps because it is kind of remote. Promoting support and kind words for those in need?

    Just a thought.

    1. Candy


      ?? I'm not sure but my theory is that there's a certain percentage (let's say X% where 0 < X < 100) of people on the entire Earth that need to vent somewhere, and since this is somewhat a random sample of people we have here, we get ~X% of people that want to vent and do so here 😛 I donut think this forum has a special quality that attracts it, but idk

  12. Everybody's heard, about the bird bird bird birsadkgtdsagds. Get one. Get a Fearow on board. Don't feel like it's enough? Where's that Ampharos powerhouse? And one of my Reborn favorites - Arbok. Intimidate, glare, acid spray, screech, crunch. That Graveler idea is a good one. Didn't even think of Persian, a fine idea for a fake out user. Keep it simple, be practical and sweep the fucking bugs out of the way of progression.
  13. Bread Sheeran *photo*




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