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  1. So Im trying to finish the pokedex and nidoran female is missing
  2. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 🙂🍰

  3. is the auto save function on? if so go to your files local disk/users/(your windows name)/saved game/pokemon reborn(or)rejuvenation. Move the file that has the name Game.rxdata to anywhere (or you can delete it), then pick the one that has the highest number value. or the one at the bottom and rename it to "Game.rxdata". (if you have multiple saves you can do this: Game_(the save file number).rxdata
  4. oh yeah ttar is going to do the reshiram route, huh since he refused to fight Taka.
  5. it says in the wiki that the chances of a shiny is 1/93.3333 chance. if we add the shiny charm increase in the main games which is an 30% somewhat increase. which now your chances are now 3/93.3333 or 1/31.1111. its what i think it is.
  6. Lawless

    z crystal

    so i'm hunting down crystals but i don't know where to find them
  7. Lawless


    tnx man i'll just breed this
  8. Lawless


    sure thing just pick any thing
  9. Lawless


    so i want to froakie i'm willing to trade one of these three shines for a froakie any ivs or any nature just pick any one of these shines Aggron Maractus Electrode
  10. so when does the route decided.
  11. so i just finished Titania's gym and later found out that there are two routes. so want i want to know what are the certain changes between the two routes, but don't tell any major spoilers.
  12. Rhyperior is a good pokemon against Charloette. you can catch it like before you fight her. KIngdra is good too you can catch it in the mountain by fishing you can evolve it by catching enough horsea to till it holds a dragon scale and give it rain dance.
  13. Lawless


    so when do you unlock trading? wait nvm its in the pokegear
  14. Lawless


    oh I'm just training up my team. my team is a blaziken, mamoswine electros, swoobat,kingdra and a type null (but im training up a chespin)
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