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    so when do you unlock trading? wait nvm its in the pokegear
  2. Lawless


    oh I'm just training up my team. my team is a blaziken, mamoswine electros, swoobat,kingdra and a type null (but im training up a chespin)
  3. Lawless


    So been fighting Terra for 30 minutes and I'm starting to lose patience. any tips?
  4. Lawless

    about the punches

    so I'm very curious when do you find the move tutor on the elemental punches. thunder punch is a crucial part in my move pool
  5. hmm same thing happened to me and some one told that my that my save file got corrupted. but I'm willing to help you i just want to to do somethings and maybe your game can be saved nvm mind I thought it was reborn maybe it'll work for rejuvenation too idk
  6. Lawless


    so I'm moving to agate now and from what I heard you cant go back to reborn after awhile but I don't know whats coming up and and I don't know what pokemon to bring with me.
  7. so I got an oddishweed and i don't know what does it do can anyone tell me? oh wait nvm i found out
  8. Lawless


    when do you get shiny charm? (I finally got shiny type: null)
  9. Lawless


    hmm so I seen some of the shiny pokemon in the game and I want to try shiny hunting. so can anyone tell me what are the odds of a shiny in this game.
  10. no no no it fine I have gotten the save file restored I just didn't understand
  11. actually I had read just an hour ago but it didn't make sense. but now I had read it more carefully and now have my progress back, I thank you good lady
  12. I don't know how to fix it but my backup save option is on (I got a heart attack I didn't know the website had notifications its 1 am for me)
  13. well crap eh its fine i can just go back its just radomus anyways it took me just 3 days just to get there plus I got time we're quarantine for a month so i got time but if anyone is willing to help me and send their accounts that are in radamus I'm willing to take it and start from there. but its gonna be hard since that save file had a shiny blaziken flees bad well I can just breed them.
  14. every time I open up reborn all I get is a text box saying: Script'PokemonLoad' line 461 : NoMethodError occurred undefined method'lastSave'for nil:NilClass
  15. Lawless

    ratls guys

    oh so its available in the late game only huh then swoobat it is
  16. Lawless

    ratls guys

    So I got the corrupted pokeball and magnet powder but there is no guy WDID
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