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  1. Yeooo wassup man hey can you help me out I’m looking for a few Pokémon with certain items ... I can trade you a shiny Steelix for a calm togekiss (65 -70 , nasty plot, thunder wave, air cutter, aura sphere with leftovers) and I’ll also trade a shiny snover for a hippowdon (impish, lv 65-70, yawn, stockpile, crunch, earthquake, rocky helmet) ... hmu!!! 

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    2. Crystalrage


      As I said PM me for moves on those

    3. liltrizzy724


      nvm alright bet

    4. liltrizzy724


      aint see it at first

  2. @Starry Knight Requested Pokemon : Empoleon Lv 67 - 72 Specified Event Pokemon: No Gender : male Form : Ability : Torrent Nature : Quiet IV Spread : (HP, Atk, Def, Sp. Atk, Sp. Def, Spe) OR HP (Hidden Power): No To both EV Spread : no Pokerus : yes Shininess (Normal or Shiny) : yes Egg Moves : no Other Moves (Tutor moves ect) : Ice Beam, Toxic, Hydro Pump, Flash Cannon Item : No Offered Pokemon : Special attack Riolu Gender : Male Ability : inner focus Nature : mild IV Spread : EV Spread : Pokerus : no Shininess : no Egg Moves : metor mash (egg move) bite, quick attack, endure Item : Online ID & Time with timezone : Treshaun724, EST
  3. Game.rxdata I just defeated blake a few days ago, i know where to go next it just that crustle spot on route 3 .. i remember doing the puzzle and placing the crustles where they need to be cuz i watched a playthrough and now the crustle is gone ... plz help
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