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  1. started playing rejuvenation again havent played the game since september of last year cuz my game crashed at the fire and ice mountain, whats funny is that i havent touched the game in MONTHS and one day i was like shiii im bored lets see if this game is still broken and POOF the game fixed itself idk how, but it did. so this time i made it all the way to distorted path and fought the boss, but what i noticed is that my player took way to many steps towards the boss, i got into the battle won and BOOM! game crashes again, whos tryna help me out?? cuz the story is gettin crazy and
  2. Yeooo wassup man hey can you help me out I’m looking for a few Pokémon with certain items ... I can trade you a shiny Steelix for a calm togekiss (65 -70 , nasty plot, thunder wave, air cutter, aura sphere with leftovers) and I’ll also trade a shiny snover for a hippowdon (impish, lv 65-70, yawn, stockpile, crunch, earthquake, rocky helmet) ... hmu!!! 

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      As I said PM me for moves on those

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      nvm alright bet

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      aint see it at first

  3. @Starry Knight Requested Pokemon : Empoleon Lv 67 - 72 Specified Event Pokemon: No Gender : male Form : Ability : Torrent Nature : Quiet IV Spread : (HP, Atk, Def, Sp. Atk, Sp. Def, Spe) OR HP (Hidden Power): No To both EV Spread : no Pokerus : yes Shininess (Normal or Shiny) : yes Egg Moves : no Other Moves (Tutor moves ect) : Ice Beam, Toxic, Hydro Pump, Flash Cannon Item : No Offered Pokemon : Special attack Riolu Gender : Male Ability : inner focus Nature : mild IV Spread : EV Spread :
  4. Game.rxdata I just defeated blake a few days ago, i know where to go next it just that crustle spot on route 3 .. i remember doing the puzzle and placing the crustles where they need to be cuz i watched a playthrough and now the crustle is gone ... plz help
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