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    It's probably a fact now at this point that I'm probably the biggest fan of Tales of Symphonia on the Earth, since I now own EVERYTHING Tales of Symphonia related, including all of the overly expensive figurines, blu-ray dvd's, posters, Japanese manga, Japanese novelization, wall-scrolls, and all versions of the game (including Japanese exclusive versions). Yes, I am a nerd, yes, I am a huge fan-boy who has plans to go to a Tales of Festival in Japan, and YES... I want to get my stuff autographed.

    Currently, I am an Animator, Animation Director, Fan-Game Developer, Stage Actor, and Computer Science Major with a Secondary Major in Performing Arts.

    Also... I don't like Pokeplayers. Fact.

    Animation and voice acting directing work, down below:

    Japanese Dub


    English Dub


    Feel free to join my Groups Page! http://symphonic-horizon.deviantart.com/

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  1. It's been awhile, so I've decided to make an important announcement: I now work for the Department of Defense and am now making a healthy salary, which has put me in a much better spot than I was last year. Most of what I make will be put towards bills, savings, etc, while the rest will be put towards my game's annual budget. I will be getting back in touch with my artists and crew, to put something amazing together for all ya'll to see!


    Also, I have a corgi and his name's Pepin:



    1. Xtrack


      Congrats on the job man good to know that life is going well for you. 

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