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  2. I am looking to do a ghost/dark run and was wondering if anyone could give me a Larvitar (adamant if possible) and sneasel (jolly if possible) for my starters Saved file attached right after getting starter. Thanks for any help Game.rxdata
  3. Gastly im afraid is my favorite ghost pokemon and seeing as i wouldn't be able to get another pokemon till 2 1/2 badges in i wanted something i really enjoy having on my team. I get that he is a bit strong but on the same point there is no place good for training Sp.Atk ev's early in the game along with the fact that i will be 1v6 against both of the first two gyms. So given those factors i chose Gastly as my starter, hate it or love it doesn't make much of a difference at this point as i'm 6 badges into the run >.<. As far as nature and Iv's go i farm most of my pokemon for near perfect iv's and nature if possible, i am into pokemon breeding in the DS games and i cant stand seeing low IV pokemon anymore more of a habit anymore.
  4. I am interested in doing a ghost mono type run however seeing that there are no ghost type pokemon available early in the game i am wondering if someone would be willing to hack me a Gastly(being my favorite pokemon)(Timid with good or perfect iv's if possible) for my starter. Thanks for reading and Thanks to anyone willing to give me a hand in advance! Here is a fresh game file if needed: Game.rxdata Ghost Mono-type Run Save file, Gastly Starter (Shiny, perfect iv's, sassy nature) Good luck game.rxdata
  5. Reserved.
  6. After playing a bit into the game on i guess what you would call my "main save" I've decided it was time to spice it up a bit. Starting/Background: Yeah yeah i read the rules to the monogen challenge, roll the dice and such to pick a gen but to be honest i had to skip that step and pick my favorite gen, as it was the one of my childhood and went with gen 1 for all them nostalgia feels. If you have a nickname suggestion btw please leave a reply and let me know Starter: I know ill get some hate for not taking Charmander however, i am running Charmander in my main run. So the starter of choice has to be: Bulbasaur: No nickname on this one yet (my favorite of the grass starters)! Bulbasaur came out with a quick win against both the "Rival" Battles at the start picking up some fast levels. I then proceeded outside to catch myself a: Pidgey: Easily one of my favorite flying type pokemon and nicknamed Hornet (After the F/A-18 Hornet) After alittle bit of training i headed over to the fishermen and picked up an old rod to get my self a: Grimer: Not sure what i want to name this one yet (Hopfully he will be a tank for the team) With the start of a team i headed to the factory to take out Fern, overall a pretty easy fight with Hornet taking the lead and earning a lot of exp to boot. Once that was complete i headed back to the gym and went through all the hoopla at the factory. Picking up a bunch of exp and evolving Bulbasaur to a full fledged Ivysaur! On his way to a marvelously tanky tank. Aster and Eclipse got taken down pretty easily by grimer and i headed to get my first gym badge. Team Update: Hornet (Pidgey): Level 17 Grimer(Needs a nickname): Level 18 Ivysaur (Could also use a nickname, im bad at these): Level 18 The fight was actually fairly hard only having three pokemon at this point of the game however i did manage to get her down by spamming out a couple potions against poisoned enemies. With that fight out of the way i decided on completing the hiker event to receive an: Onix (i am planing on farming out a shiny geodude or kabuto later in the game to replace him as i cant evolve him into a steelix but he will make a good addition until then) Moved out to the east and toward the slums, easily moped up Victoria and entered to get myself a manky to add to the team. Low and behold the first shiny of my run! Mankey along with the newly evolved Pidgeotto made quick work of the scragy gang. Upon exiting the slums i headed south to meet up with my favorite purple character cain. Once his grimer saved oshowatt the battle went pretty much according to plan with a quick win. This point is probably good for another team update: Panzer: Level 19 Abrams: Level 22 Tiny: Level 19 Bizon: Level 20 Hornet: Level 22 HMSLAVE: Level 5 ~~That's it for now stay tuned for more updates~~
  7. Alright lol, just making sure im not going crazy here
  8. Correct me if im wrong but Dome fossils do spawn in the rocks you use the mining kit on correct? I am currently 5 hours into soft resetting for a Dome fossil and cant seem to get one, there is no event to trigger them spawning or anything right? Fossil Count: Dome Fossil: 0 Helix Fossil: 12 Root Fossil: 5 Claw Fossil: 7 Armor Fossil: 8 Skull Fossil: 1
  9. Defeating Aya successfully triggered the event, i did not have to finish saving the children. Thank you for you speedy responses!
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