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  1. Hello all, It has been a dream of mine for the last few years (while waiting for the final update of reborn) to complete the game (just to the credits post E4, not all the way through endgame) with EVERY mono type run. I would like to share my opinions on a rough "ranking list" for difficulty of the mono run. I would love some feedback/thoughts on the list, and am open to switching some spots around. A small disclaimer too, I am looking at this WHOLISTICALLY, so ideally I don't want to put a team on the top JUST because they "have an OP lategame" or "will breeze through the story early" but those are definitely things to take into consideration and will affect the final placement. Without further ado, here is my list! : (from easiest to hardest) Looking forward to having some discussion about this!!! Finally Finished!!! I will say just because you have a hard time dealing with fast flying threats, of which there are a few, I would say Fighting gets bumped down a notch or two, probably coming in #2 now. Overall though I think the leveling process of going through the game was much smoother with fighting but whereas it felt like fire started harder and got easier, Fighting was the opposite and got a bit more difficult towards the late game.
  2. Hey guys! I wanted to ask help from this forum on a certain thing: I want to create a team based on what kind of Pokémon would i find in my country: Argentina. Some of the most iconic animals from this place are pumas, toucan, tatú, tapir, Jaguar, penguin, whale, sea wolf, llama, etc. Geography and biomes you got everything, you name it. The people's attitude is kind of arrogant, prideful with alot of love for the family. I don't know what else can i offer you, if you have any questions ask! And thank you!!
  3. Hello everyone Stompa here to bring you a mono run using Ghost types as voted for by you guys. Here is the first part everything up to and including Julia. Spoiler tag for 'special battle' time stamps Next time I take on PULSE tangrowth and try to take out Florina. Next time I will make the individual episodes shorter and upload several at once rather than one massive episode but I didn't realise how long this had gotten until I finished. If you want me to just upload the shorter episodes on their own just let me know. EDIT 1:for people that missed the poll I am using sandbox mode. It can be found in 2 coments down
  4. I've started a mono run and I have a pretty good variaty of pokemons at high level... BUT I CAN'T TAKE THAT SWALLOT DOWN. I would like some help... Talonflame/ calm/ flame body/ lv70 - tailwind flare blitz steel wing brave bird Blaziken hardy/ speed bost/ lvl 75 high jump kick brave bird bulk up flare blitz torkoal lax/ drought/ lvl 75 - heat wave shell smash inferno yawn volcarona lv 75 naught/ swarm - fiery dance hurricane quiver dance bug buzz camerupt lvl anger poin/ bashfull/ 66 - yawn/ fissure/ earthquake/ rock slide tentacool hm slave lvl 30 I need tentacool in my team... i had in the computer too lvl 75 Houdoom with dark pulse foul play nast plot flametrower lvl 74 Chandelure will o wisp shadowball pain split flametrower lvl 73 Arcanine thunder fang crunch flare blitz heat wave lvl 75 incirenoar shadow claw darkest lariat flare blitz outrage lvl 51 charizard dragon claw dragon rage flametrower shadowclaw lvl 60 charizard (hm slave) lvl 37 emboar lvl 10 cyndaquil extrasensory (i find it out now. i'm gonna raise it) lvl 49 rapidash lvl 61 oricorio lvl 45 heatmor lvl 7 pansear lvl 50 maccargo shell smash anciet power lava plume recover ya'll have any ideas? if you have any
  5. Hi all, in this thread I intend to document my attempt at a mono Steel Type run. We'll see how this goes... Table of Contents Chapter 1: A Modest Beginning Firstly, the hero of our story: And the starter pokemon. It was a simple choice. With barely time to meet each other, the two of us are challenged by Cain We went into battle confident We were then challenged by Victoria Apparently we still lack both strength and stamina, but that will soon change! With an assist from Bidoof -> Bibarel, we meet 2 new team members: Our numbers now at three, we go to face our first real challenge, Fern Vs. Swag Jockey Fern Turns out I didn't need the rest of my bug Steel based team for this guy. Piplup already redeemed herself! And, she evolves after this battle: We get contracted into raiding the factory. I try to train Pineco and Burmy here, but the Team Meteor grunts use a lot of Rock types, which I (ironically) have trouble beating right now without Prinplup. Eventually we come get to the control room. Cue the next battle: Vs. Meteor Grunts Aster & Eclipse Our performance against Elekid was not inspiring with regard to the upcoming gym battle...Nonetheless, this is a victory against the still mysterious Team Meteor, even if ??? basically let us go. With that out of the way, we can get back to our journey. To the first Gym! Vs. Cheer Captain Julia The first 2 attempts saw my team being Sonicboomed into oblivion. It became essential to have more than 40 hp on Pineco/Burmy so they had a shot at beating the Voltorbs. Victoria is waiting to tell us about the plant fiasco in Obsidia Ward. Clearly, we're going to need more help to solve this. Luckily, helping out the stranded hiker dude nets us this pretty: Already the second mon with Sturdy. I'll be seeing a lot of that it seems. The team so far: Notable statistics of this chapter: Badges: 1 Steel type pokemon: 0/4 Bug type pokemon: 2/4 Maybe someday we'll look like a real type specialist, but that day is not today That's all for now, tune in next time if you wish. I hope this becomes entertaining for someone - I expect the hardest battles are still to come (obviously) -Dav
  6. Um, hello internet friends! (Wait is "friends" too intimate...?) Here in this thread I'll be documenting my attempt at an all Fire-type run of our beloved Pokémon Rejuvenation. It's not really my first time playing this game, but I'm only but so familiar so I'm likely to make mistakes. Questions, comments, and concerns are welcome (especially if you think I'm missing something, that would be much appreciated ). Beyond the mono-fire rule, I don't intend to use items during battle, just because. I don't have any more rules really... Well, let's get to it! Table of Contents Chapter 1: In the Red Meet the protagonist of this story: I'm on a cruise with my mom, who's surprisingly a character I've seen before, Yancy/Nancy (I think Nancy was her idol name, but Yancy her given name, that sounds right). We're headed to the Aevium Region. Everything seems fine, but there are some suspicious happenings to be seen on the ship, and some people definitely attract my attention. While we're at dinner some people calling themselves Team Xen show up to cause trouble. A lot happens after this, but the result is not pretty Rather suddenly the ship is sinking, and it's full of weird tentacles During all the panic I manage to find Mom. It becomes apparent that the calamity is more connected to us than I thought Things are not looking good at all. We're about to be grabbed by the naughty tentacles (or rather, Deoxys' naughty tentacles) before we get some help from above It's nothing short of a miracle that I make it off the boat. There's several powerful people involved in what's going on. It seems I'm seeing just the surface of something much bigger than myself... Luckily Tesla reminds me where to go next. She's already become a very comforting presence. So I head into (East) Gearen City after an implausibly smooth processing by the immigration officials (honestly I didn't even have a passport, but they're just like nah, you cool). I must admit I have mixed opinons on the people I encounter here. I then meet Amanda. She and her brother Jan are regional administrators, or something like that. Amanda takes me to choose my first partner Pokémon. I collide with someone on the way Before I can pick a starter, Amanda takes me to meet the Pokémon Professor Jenner. Anyways I can pick a starter now. There are dozens of choices but I can narrow it down immediately Eventually though I settle on one Now that I'm paired with this little one, Amanda cannot resist the urge to battle me. As luck would have it, she seems to be a fire trainer as well Vs. Amanda Amanda found my technique appealing but before I know it another opponent appears. His name is Ren Vs. Ren I'm now ready to explore the city, and explore I do In the park I find one new friend And on the pier, another There's already tons to find in the city, plus I can do most of the help quests right now. Eventually I come across Veronica Venam, East Gearen's poison gym leader. She and Ren are friends, along with someone called Melia. Since Jenner asked me to find Melia, they invite me to check out the Abandoned Sewers (which aren't really abandoned). I'm paired with Ren for the exploration. While we're down there, a change occurs: Soon we find Melia, who I apparently have seen before These 3 are conducting some sort of experiment involving trash They want to know if it's true that trash bags can mutate into Trubbish. That's what the dex says, so it must be true, right? Except how it says Escavalier "fly around at high speed" or Pidgeot "races through the skies at Mach-2 speed." This one, however, appears to be true. We get surprised by some Trubbish and a (shiny!) Garbodor. yep Melia invites me out with her to Goldenwood Forest. I aid Melia with her various errands Then we team up to explore Goldenwood Cave In the cave the team witnesses another change In the cave we find something interesting. This is why Melia was told to come here apparently. But then- The new passage opens into a pleasant grove. Melia is very happy about all we accomplished today During our picnic Melia opens up to me a bit more Then Melia goes on to say how she's leaving soon for Grand Dream City, where she will become the normal type gym leader. We end up in a somewhat awkward, yet intense silence. Then... Vs. Melia I'm simply too good for Melia right now After the fight the area is engulfed in an eerie green glow...I think I've seen this before. We go back through the cave. What will happen next? Please stay tuned! I hope this proves enjoyable...
  7. The Poll says it all. Is anyone interested in watching me stream my playthrough (at least the start) of my Grass Mono Run? I will be streaming episode 17. I have had permision from ame as long as I make it clear that is it showing episode 17 content. I will be doing a write up of it once the spoiler lock is lifted whether I stream it or not. I will prboably be starting 10pm GMT today (6.5 hours ish from when this is posted). If people are interested I will make a post at that time when I am live.
  8. Hello guys I'm back. I think. I'm looking to do a Mono Run. But this time I want to know what type you guys want to see. Now I haven't included Rock or Ice because there aren't any of them right at the start of the game and I want it to be a full playthrough without having to cheat something in or trade. Other than that pick away and if you chose a type that has multiple starters I am leaving it to you guys to decide what starter you want me to use. (Yes I will do it even if you try to mess with me (Looking at you Meganium)) 1 last thing is the final rule I will impose on myself (if possible for some types its not) I must always keep my starter on me. And pokemon will get names once they have earned them. ~Stompa Edit: I probably won't be starting until after Christmas
  9. So I recently finished reborn play through and I might start a mono type run, so I want you guys to decide what type I should do.
  10. Hello everyone Stompa here to bring you a mono run using Dark type. I chose this as they are my favorite type (along side rock) and can be done as a Reborn mono run without having to trade or cheat any pokemon in. Also I won't really be covering too much story just enough to show what point I am at. So without delay lets begin. Part 1: The Begining So here I am. The bombing thing happens and I choose a starter. Now I head downstairs and meet Cain. The most outrageously, fabulously gay character I have ever met. So of course we battle after a little flirting. So with the first battle over i move onto victoria. Also cain calls ame 'Master'. After the rest of the talking I grab 5 extra balls and 5 common candy cause they are cheeper here than at the sweet shop a bit later on. That is it for today as I have some things to do but I hope to get a large ammount of progress done and uploaded tomorrow. And sorry for it being a bit short.
  11. Prologue: Tyler Breeze's Story Fashion Cop/Taillow PrincePretty/Ducklett Reborn Region Pokemon Team/In Storage
  12. It is I! Awesome_One coming at you again with another one of those "Pick My Next Mono Type Reborn Run" polls! For those of you that know me, I'm still doing my Ice Type Mono Run to which I'm only going to be updating once every week. I made a status about it already so go check it out of you want to. Anyways, I shall be posting my top 6 favorite types. And yes. Some of these are already doing some of these runs on their own posts but I'm sure they won't mind if it gets chosen for me too. I shall also be making other polls on her for other stuff as well. Ohh yes. I'm using Sandbox Mode. Just so everyone knows. Thanks in advance for voting!
  13. Yep. That's right. I'm doing another challenge run (Cute Mono Type Run) despite not finishing any of my other runs... Don't worry. I'm not stopping them. Just on Hiatus for a bit. There are reasons why I'm doing this though. 1. The last time I played Rejuvenation was like Version 5 and I loved it. But I quickly forgot about it due to a lot of other Pokemon Fan Made Games being completed or being continued. 2. I've only gotten to around the second gym leader so I don't really remember much about this game and I wanna experience it like it's totally new to me. 3. I've been wanting to do this for a long time so why not just do it now? Haha. Now, you all maybe wondering "Well that's fine and dandy and I don't mind it. But what in the world is a Cute Mono Type Run and how does it work?" I shall tell you! It's a pretty simple concept though. I am only going to use Pokemon I find cute. Examples: Arbok, Roserade, Plusle, Beautifly etc. Pokemon I don't find cute, I don't use. Examples: Beedrill, Blissey, Haxorus, Blastoise etc. "Ok. I'm getting the picture. But what if you find a Pokemon you don't think is cute at first but it's final evolution is cute." Well that's simple. It's the same with a Mono Type Run. You use it til it evolves into that cute final evolution. "Alright... But what if it's final evolution or any of its evolutions look not cute. Then what will you do?" Simple. I won't evolve them. Sure it'll be more challenging on myself but it'll be fun. I also will not be doing the same kind of format as I've been doing on my other Runs. As if I'm talking as that character or about that character. This time, after I feel like I've finished a major event, I will update this telling you all what I think about the situation, the characters and even about the character I play as. And also how the cities/parks/swamps/etc. looks and maybe even makes me feel. And don't worry. I will update you on the Pokemon I've captured and are using on the team. At the current moment as I'm writing this, I am downloading the game. (And the patch. Don't worry people. I didn't forget about that.) As soon as the game and patch are downloaded, I will start to play it. If you all feel like sharing your experiences on the game as I do, feel free to. I'd love to see if our ideas and thoughts are the same or different. All I ask is that you don't spoil story lines that are in the future. Enjoy!
  14. Well my Ground Type Mono Run can't continue cus the save file got corrupted and I'm starting to get bored with training more than 6 Pokemon in my Favorite Pokemon (Pokemon) Reborn Run. (To which I really apologize for everyone that participated. I really appreciate all of you for that.) BUT, I still want to do a Mono Type Run but not Ground. So I shall make a poll and keep it up for a while. Either like for a week or at least when I think a lot of people have voted. Here are the types that you can choose from. Ice, Dark, Fighting or Rock. And if for some reason, there are top 2 votes, I suppose there will be a dual type run. Haha. Have fun voting everyone! (Anymore votes from this point on do not count so please do not vote at this point)
  15. A young teenage boy who lived in Goldenrod City in the Johto Region. He’s a hyper kid. Always gets excited about the littlest things. But he knows when it’s time to be series. He also LOVES Pokemon. Especially the Ground Type. He likes being in the dirt anyways, so it just fits him. All his life, he’s wanted to be in his own Pokemon Adventure but he just didn’t know how to start one. But that all changed one day when he decided to take a stroll through the National Park. After a few weeks of being in the Hoenn Region, Quakez returned back to the Johto Region on a boat to Olivine City. As he was walking back to Goldenrod City, he walked past the train station and heard a conversation between two friends that sounded like they haven’t seen each other in a long time. The 1 person said that he had to steal money from people for MONTHS to just afford a train ticket to get out of that hellhole. He also told his friend how awful the people there were (except for a few) and that the place looked like a dump. He couldn’t wait to get out of there. This interested Quakez and he went over and asked questions about this Reborn Region. He asked how many gyms there were, if anybody runs the place, anything he could think of. After he got his answers, he went back home, went onto his computer and looked it up. It did seem like a bad place to be but… He felt like he had to go there. That he was destined to go there. That he could change that place for the better. He found the person who ran the place, who was called Ame, and emailed her. “Dear Ame, My name is Quakez and I live in the Johto Region. I recently found out about this Region that you run. I love the fact that you have 18 gyms. Sounds like a real challenge and exciting. See, this will be my first real adventure and I want it to be somewhere special. But I also know that it’s well… I won’t beat around the bush. I know that it’s not doing too well and the people are mostly bad and the places are horrible but I know there are some good people there, especially you. You have to be trying your best to be bringing peace to this place. But I feel like… I feel like I can do something to help you out. To help the Region out. To make the region peaceful like it was before. Sincerely, Quakez” A few days later, he got an email back from Ame. “Dear Quakez, I read your email and I got to be honest, I didn’t expect you to sound excited about this. Most people would just see how bad this place looks, realize how bad the people are and not even want to come here. But I never get any emails saying they want to try the gym challenge, let alone wanting to try to make this place and the people in it great again. I don’t usually do this but I bought a train ticket for you to come here. But I will be on the train so I can show you the place when we get back here. I want you to come here next week so you can start your journey. Idk if you can do anything to change this place but I’d love the effort. Hopefully see you next week. Sincerely, The Champion Of The Reborn Region, Ame” Quakez, surprised that he just spoke to the Champion of the Reborn Region, gets psyched up and prepares for his journey. Next week comes by real fast and Quakez, along with his Pokemon, goes to the train station. He waits for the train that Ame is on. When the train comes, Ame comes off the train and spots Quakez. They greet each other, talk for a bit and go onto the next train headed for the Reborn Region. They get into train and sit in their seats. Quakez looks over and sees a man covered in a weird black costume. But he’s too excited to wonder about that as he’s about to go on his 1st Pokemon Adventure in this mysterious and exciting Region.
  16. Anyone ever try a run where your entire team can be any Type, and be from any Gen, but they must all be the same color? It would also be cool to allow shines that fit your color even if the main sprite doesn't. I'd argue that the Pokemon has to be a noticeably that color, but that some Pokemon can be in two color groups. Seaking could be in a Red team or a White team, for example. Meganium can be in Green or Pink, but Shiny Meganium can be in Green or Purple. Espeon is somewhere between Pink and Purple, so either of those would be fine.
  17. Hey, I'm doombot, and steel is pretty much my favorite type ever. I love each and every steel type ever made (except durant. f that guy.). So, a few days ago I picked up a mono-steel run i'd been doing of white 2, and I just now remembered that y'all like to hear about these kinds of things. I've already defeated the first 4 gyms, so I'll summarize them here: Cheren: actually kinda tough if you hate grinding. you basically have to ko lillipup before it sets up. Righteous the Riolu took that one. Roxie: my favorite gym leader ("GET READY, I'M GONNA KNOCK SOME SENSE OUTTA YA!"), but not really much of a challenge due to the theme of the run. Steelheart the Magnemite took that one handily. Burgh: Actually a difficult fight if you don't just exploit his weaknesses. Leavanny's razor leaf hurts even through resistance. Riolu tried to take down swadloon but ate a crit, so Steelheart finished it. Resolve the Drilbur metal-clawed the dwebble to death, and after a bunch of healing and several sonicbooms (ty pokestar studios and your infinite lemonades) I managed to KO it. Colress 1: Resolve Used Dig! It's Super Effective! Elesa: I like her a lot more now that she doesn't just spam emolga-volt switch. Resolve proved her worth by Rock Tombing Emolga and digging Flaffy. Zebstrika nearly KO'd me with a critical pursuit, but a critical Dig got him in one shot. The PC: Dusk, who thinks she's a Paladin The Rival: Hi Noon, a strange combination of Sasuke and Naruto at the same time The Team as of Elesa Righteous the Lucario (male) Steelheart the Magnemite (agender) Resolve the Drilbur (female) Next up: Clay (aka A Bad Time)(aka why isn't Ferrothorn available yet)(aka i might actually have to grind for this one)
  18. So recently I got a little bored of my mono Fire run, tried Hardcore, and decided Hardcore with no type bars wasn't making me tear my hair out enough, so I decided to create Plain Jane and do a Normal type Hardcore playthrough! I get the feeling Kiki and VIctoria are going to be nightmares, but Normal type Pokemon are generally pretty versatile and I think I'll be ability to swing some tricks in my playthrough. Of course, they don't have the ease of simply teaching them more powerful moves via TMs, but there's always breeding to try and improve their game - at least once I get to that stage. Adventures of Plain Jane Current Status: Basking in triumph (Read: It's late and I should be sleeping...) Number of Badges: 2 Hardest Battle Yet: Julia Current Team Options Entry #1: Out Into The Wide World
  19. After playing a bit into the game on i guess what you would call my "main save" I've decided it was time to spice it up a bit. Starting/Background: Yeah yeah i read the rules to the monogen challenge, roll the dice and such to pick a gen but to be honest i had to skip that step and pick my favorite gen, as it was the one of my childhood and went with gen 1 for all them nostalgia feels. If you have a nickname suggestion btw please leave a reply and let me know Starter: I know ill get some hate for not taking Charmander however, i am running Charmander in my main run. So the starter of choice has to be: Bulbasaur: No nickname on this one yet (my favorite of the grass starters)! Bulbasaur came out with a quick win against both the "Rival" Battles at the start picking up some fast levels. I then proceeded outside to catch myself a: Pidgey: Easily one of my favorite flying type pokemon and nicknamed Hornet (After the F/A-18 Hornet) After alittle bit of training i headed over to the fishermen and picked up an old rod to get my self a: Grimer: Not sure what i want to name this one yet (Hopfully he will be a tank for the team) With the start of a team i headed to the factory to take out Fern, overall a pretty easy fight with Hornet taking the lead and earning a lot of exp to boot. Once that was complete i headed back to the gym and went through all the hoopla at the factory. Picking up a bunch of exp and evolving Bulbasaur to a full fledged Ivysaur! On his way to a marvelously tanky tank. Aster and Eclipse got taken down pretty easily by grimer and i headed to get my first gym badge. Team Update: Hornet (Pidgey): Level 17 Grimer(Needs a nickname): Level 18 Ivysaur (Could also use a nickname, im bad at these): Level 18 The fight was actually fairly hard only having three pokemon at this point of the game however i did manage to get her down by spamming out a couple potions against poisoned enemies. With that fight out of the way i decided on completing the hiker event to receive an: Onix (i am planing on farming out a shiny geodude or kabuto later in the game to replace him as i cant evolve him into a steelix but he will make a good addition until then) Moved out to the east and toward the slums, easily moped up Victoria and entered to get myself a manky to add to the team. Low and behold the first shiny of my run! Mankey along with the newly evolved Pidgeotto made quick work of the scragy gang. Upon exiting the slums i headed south to meet up with my favorite purple character cain. Once his grimer saved oshowatt the battle went pretty much according to plan with a quick win. This point is probably good for another team update: Panzer: Level 19 Abrams: Level 22 Tiny: Level 19 Bizon: Level 20 Hornet: Level 22 HMSLAVE: Level 5 ~~That's it for now stay tuned for more updates~~
  20. Hey peeps, just had a talk with a few friends of mine last weeks, and soon started a Reborn Mono run. But with knowing a Water leader is coming up I might need some help. My current team follows and are all between Level 71-75 (Have beaten Terra too) Currently planning to use Bounce Rapidash with HP Electric. Normally I would use Dive, Blizzard from Walrain then EQ from something else. Can't use that for a Fire mono so I'm open to ideas.
  21. I started a steel mono run....instant regret....I mean I made it past Julia decently easily but the lack of pokemon and lack of diversity is just gonna kill me. I just have no desire to continue with steel. Any one have any ideas on a type that would be fun to use? I was thinking Psychic, Dark, or Ghost but I'm open to all options. EXCEPT STEEL!!!!
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