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Found 11 results

  1. WELCOME TO YOUR FRIENDLY NEIGHBORHOOD DRUG POKEMON DEALER - Da BReedeR!!! PS: POKEMON IS MY DRUG Hi Guya! sorry for the trouble, I will be out for a week, I will try getting to all of you as soon as possible. SO I GUESS I WILL BE OUT TILL NEXT SATURDAY Note: Please Tag me using '@eigengrau' so that I can respond to your messages faster as I will get a notification. HI MAYTES!! WELCOME TO MA PAGE!!! I Have some good IV MONS that I have bred, I generally keep only 5 normal ones and how many ever shinies I get while hatching:- I Generally do not ask anything in return unless you are generous to provide me something nice or something if I am in desperate need of it These are the Current lists of pokemon that I have with their following egg bred moves:- *NEW BUGS and WATER MONS(Shell Smashers) BRED!!!!!* ALSO I DO REQUESTS FOR ANYONE WANTING ANY PARTICULAR MON( Have to be patient for this as it might take sometime for me to breed you your particular mon with items, egg moves and shine) NEWS: Well recently I have come to know of the infamous so called hack where Simipour who can learn Thief, Fling and Recycle is able to steal items from other trainers and obtain them after the end of the battle by recycling it. Anyone who wants a simipour with those moves can ask me for one Riolu (Phy and Spl Attackers Available) and Gible (NEW) GRASS TYPE: FIRE TYPE: WATER TYPE: BUG TYPE: 2 NEW!!! ELECTRIC TYPE: FIGHTING TYPE: NORMAL TYPES: GHOST TYPE: PSYCHIC TYPE: DRAGON TYPES: DARK TYPES: STEEL TYPES: FAIRY TYPES:(NEW!!!) FOSSIL POKEMON:(*NEW!!*) // For people trying to complete the dex or for competitive battling all are perfect 6ivs NOTE: MY DM is cluttered so can you guys please try avoiding sending me DMs and request here please. ALSO if you need a particular item you can request that as well. I shall try gifting it the mon. Click the spoilers to see what type of mons I have:- Your Friendly neighborhood Da BReedeR!!! -MAKE PEACE AND LOVE, NOT WAR!!! PRAY FOR THE FALLEN SOLDIERS AND CIVILIANS WHO HAVE FALLEN PREY TO THE EVIL POLITICIANS SCHEMES
  2. Hi, I've been mining for a very long time using the soft reset method and I have multiple of other fossils. Could anyone please give me a Root Fossil? I can trade any other mineable fossil if you'd like. Thanks!
  3. Hey I was wondering if anyone would trade me fossil Pokémon, the ones you find in mining rocks. Too lazy and impatient to soft reset. It’s for completing the Pokédex.
  4. It didn't look like this one had been done yet, so away we go! Standard rules, -2/+1 per day, red for hurt, green for heal Omastar: 20 Kabutops: 20 Aerodactyl: 20 Cradily: 20 Armaldo: 20 Rampardos: 20 Bastiodon: 20 Carracosta: 20 Archeops: 20 Tyrantrum: 20 Aurorus: 20
  5. If anyone would happen to have any of these Pokemon, would they be willing to trade? They only need to be a female with a positive or at least a neutral Nature, and be Level 1. Any Egg Moves that they may have on them are gravy (not required, but nice if you choose to). Pokemon (with preferred Nature) Tirtouga (Relaxed/Brave) Anorith (Adamant) Lileep (Calm) Cranidos (Adamant) Tyrunt (Adamant) ----------------------------------------- Kabuto (Adamant) (COMPLETED) Shieldon (Impish/Careful) (COMPLETED) Archen (Adamant) (COMPLETED) Just message me with which one that you are offering, and I'll respond back within a day or two, if I'm late.
  6. iPixLz

    Helix Fossil

    In need of a helix fossil, as im aware ive used all the mining stones as i cant get in the inner railnet to get the rest ive missed.. What shall i do
  7. I'm currently trying to collect all of the fossil Pokemon, but am having trouble finding them all. I am missing the root and skull fossils, and am wondering if anyone is willing to trade me them or their reanimated counterparts. I currently have an extra helix and claw fossil, so if someone wants them in return, I'll happily give them up.
  8. Hey does anyone know how I get a fossil in the Ruby Museum? I try to grab it and the girl is there and won't let me take one? Thanks if anyone answers
  9. Hi all. I have harvested about 15 rocks and no fossils yet. Am i doing something wrong? I am in the point of the game where i am searching for El with the castle guy. We dropped to a cave and i saved next to a mining rock. Questions; 1. Do the rocks reform? If so how/when? 2. If they drop fossils do they all drop the same ones? I know gen6 fossils are acquired later in the game if i have the helix fossil. And i also know how to get the plume fossil.
  10. Could someone please give me hints on this puzzle?? It would be clear if I actually knew what this Pokemon is. I have no clue ...
  11. Correct me if im wrong but Dome fossils do spawn in the rocks you use the mining kit on correct? I am currently 5 hours into soft resetting for a Dome fossil and cant seem to get one, there is no event to trigger them spawning or anything right? Fossil Count: Dome Fossil: 0 Helix Fossil: 12 Root Fossil: 5 Claw Fossil: 7 Armor Fossil: 8 Skull Fossil: 1
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