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Found 15 results

  1. mcpershing


    So I'm doing this quest where you Need to give all starter eggs to this Woman in the Basement of the Grand hall. I'm only missing a Litten this far (I also don't even have an entry in the Pokédex). As far as I remember I joined Aqua Gang and did their application sidequest without obtaining a Litten (some years ago I guess). Even though thats all I found to this Topic searching here… I also cannot trade to this Woman in Agate Town. Only to this guy in the east for an Oshawott (which I already own from this Quest at Coral Ward). Is it even possible to get a Litten for now (E18.2)? Or is it f*cked up because of the changing of the Events during the years?
  2. You pass though the glowing disc, now revealed to be a portal, and it closes behind you with a faint 'vworp'. You find yourself in a starkly beautiful, alpine forest. The sun is rising, painting the tree-dotted landscape in orange and gold. It's pretty chilly out, but the sun is enough to keep you warm. It must be summer. To the east, assuming the sun rises there in this place, you can see a small village. Smoke rises from open-air, clay ovens and log houses, and the entire settlement is surrounded by a stockade made of sharpened logs. A river runs through the town, and they have created a log barricade to keep undesirables from sailing in or out easily. People dressed in furs and occasionally mail armor go about their business, with a far wider range of body types and far less gender discrimination than one might expect from what appears to be a medieval Scandinavian town. Women actually seem a bit more likely than men to be going armed and armored. Dane axes and spears appear to be the weapon of choice, though swords, crossbows, and warhammers are also popular. The only other thing worth noting from this distance is that the sentries shields seem to have been re-painted recently, a crude, hot pink flower symbol covering whatever was on them before. "Santa Maria it's cold!" Vitor exclaims, despite the fact that the rest of you are feeling fine. His tropical heritage is not serving him well here. "Unless anyone has a serious objection, I vote we get out of the cold, or at least go barter for something warmer."
  3. Hello lads! I'm curious about a thing. Our favorite little sharpchess piece is said to be in Route 4, right? I'm running around and that boy is nowhere to be seen. Then looking at footage from past episodes and what not, I noticed different encounters. Did Ame delet Pawniard from Route 4, or is my luck just that bad?
  4. As an Orc, a Robot, and a lady IN a Robot fire high capacity weaponry into the Ammunition Manufacturing room, something happens, a flash of bright light that sends everyone sprawling back onto the ground, Even Alexandria is sent flying like a child wearing cardboard from the gravity waves. A horrible noise erupts from the room as reality itself collapses like a glass floor, the room twists, and a naked black hole begins stretching light towards itself like a greedy hand, grasping at all warmth and light, before exploding violently, sending colorful everythingness across the walls, which stretch and grow, the door is ripped off it's hinges, then it grows back, then it's ripped off again, slightly differently, then it grows back again, this repeats the entire time the room is being distorted. Anyone looking inside at this point would see the mortal eye of god collapsing in on itself into neverending one-ness. Eventually, this ends, and the door slams shut. Now, it seems, the door has transformed itself into a door of a different aesthetic, one shaped like a stylized bullet, brown on top, with a copper shell below. It smells like Ozone and Sulfur, and the smell does not seem to be ceasing any time soon.
  5. Does anyone knows where to find deep sea scale?
  6. Soon enough, the white that surrounded the windows of the bus faded away as the bus began to slow down… Before lightly tapping a broken wall in front of it. Which seemed to be a running trend in the area… The broken part, at least. From what the group could see, they had parked next to a small cliff, which poked out to see a completely ruined city. Buildings lay shattered wherever they looked, and some had large circles in them, as if they were eaten out. Of course, that wasn’t the only sight, since in the distance, standing inside of what appeared to be a town center, was what appeared to be a showoff between man and beast. On the beast’s side, there were multiple large creatures, each larger than almost anyone in the party aside from Proditor, which seemed consist of several, two legged creatures with large tails, some… Flying women with large, eyes shells on their backs, and two, humanoid creatures with blue plated wings. On man’s side was simply two men, one wearing a large, blue, hooded jacket, and the other wearing a tattered brown jacket. In each of their hands were large swords, each bigger than their actual wielders. If one looked closely, they could also see large, red and black bracelets on each of the men’s hands. The man in blue was in a combat position, sword at his side as he scanned the creatures in front of him, waiting for one to strike. The other was more relaxed, with their sword placed on their shoulder as they seemed to enjoy a quick smoke, seemingly not caring about the beasts in front of him, even when several roared, preparing to attack. Proditor, when the bus stopped, sighed in annoyance, about to comment on the fact that he would have to ask Uber and L33t how their vehicle started up on its own, before noticing the view outside, pausing for a good bit before rising from his seat, opening the bus’s door and floating outside, looking around in… Shock, mostly. Both at the city and at the sight before him, man versus abomination. Initiative and such will be given once the encounter truly starts. Enjoy.
  8. Suddenly, the Portal to Evil, a creation of that one orc dude, opens. Good Luck! The Portal opens to reveal a metal hallway, sparks fly from electronic panels, the hall stretches on forward, clearly showing a path of destruction. The metal hall quickly changes to underground stone, wires tacked to the stone walls, torn to ribbons, Puddles of acid Hiss loudly, and blaster fire can be heard in the distance. Suddenly, a screech unlike any other rings out. Those who hear it might feel they will never forget it.
  9. Correct me if im wrong but Dome fossils do spawn in the rocks you use the mining kit on correct? I am currently 5 hours into soft resetting for a Dome fossil and cant seem to get one, there is no event to trigger them spawning or anything right? Fossil Count: Dome Fossil: 0 Helix Fossil: 12 Root Fossil: 5 Claw Fossil: 7 Armor Fossil: 8 Skull Fossil: 1
  10. Is it possible to get a elekid and gible? I'm pretty sure you can't get gible but I think you can get elekid because I have seen people with it. Let me know if you know how to get a gible or elekid
  11. How do you get a mudkip I heard you have to go where kiki died or some thing If you have any idea please let know Thanks!
  12. How do you even get a joltik in this game I know it's obtainable
  13. I will take any electric type pokemon as a suggestine because I can explore every place in this game so far because I have beated every episode. Do not count elekid because I can't evolve because there is not anymore link stone and electrizer in the game to evolve him Do not count Emolga and Magnezone I am trying to look for a electric type that has good defense or good health. Thank you guys for your suggestines. Leave me some suggestines for electric types in this game please!
  14. The weather is raining and it's night but elekid is not showing up on top of the building where it is supposed to be is there something that triggers it or what time should i set it to be
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