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  1. Edited the OP with what i believe are some corrections to, well, most things in the story! Ive had feedback from some of my friends. Thanks Sapphire for the positive words!
  2. Hi, im Nhadala and this is my first ever written story! Its a story about a girl named Haruka! This story is the build-up for the main part which may or may not come depending on what kind of mood i am. But id appreciate any and all feedback, criticism and thoughts from other users! But be warned that this story is dark. http://pastebin.com/0Qt1fkyr
  3. Anyone know one of the warmest or best materials that a person can wear in order to not get cold? I want to get a present for my mother and i think getting her that would be good.

  4. Does anyone know if the pokemon in online random matchup get brought up to a certain level or if they stay at the same level they are when they are in your party?

    1. Marcello


      Everything should get set to 100

  5. Got this from someone named Alice. Not sure how rare an Eevee is i have a loooong time to play this.
  6. The american presidential election makes me go wtf.... why are people even voting for Trump.... or Hillary for that matter, but Trump even more so... im not even american but this just baffles me as a whole, how did something like that even happen in the first place?

    1. Sunbean


      Hillary's not that bad, tbh. At least not as bad as any other politician.

    2. Exalted


      People are voting for trump cause people recognize him the meme we made out of him actully is turning in his favor you are to blame internet in america

    3. Eviora


      Human stupidity is boundless.

  7. Some woman called today and wanted me to switch providers and offered a decent deal but i roasted the poor woman cause i ranted at her about our countrys pathetic speeds while she was trying to tell me that they were good. I feel bad for her xD

    1. pyrromanis


      Yeah people, don't do that...

      My sister used to do this job and it was awful! Remember that the employees have nothing to do with all these problems, they just want to seal the deal...

    2. Bearadactyl Prime

      Bearadactyl Prime

      Don't give people doing their jobs a hard time, they pretty much don't have a choice; especially in sales.

    3. Nhadala


      I hate when people tell me that their speeds are good when they are not, trying to fool me goes nowhere.

  8. Monetized my youtube videos, made 10 dollars, i should have done this earlier.

    1. Motomiya


      ah, nice clean 10

    2. 5hift


      INB4 copyright strike.

    3. pbood2


      now you have to be careful about doing that because there are loads of restrictions for monetized videos so good luck but be careful. :)

  9. The last episode of Re:Zero.... this was one hell of a ride, everything was top-notch, unforgettable.

  10. A normal episode by Re:Zero? What is this sorcery

    1. Felix~


      I completely forgot it was sunday

  11. Felis from RE:Zero is making me question my sexuality, i mean jesus. >.<

  12. Battlefield 1 open beta is here!

  13. I hate rng with a passion.

  14. Ram.... why :(

    1. Cyanna Cyril

      Cyanna Cyril

      Baa Ram Ewe

      Baa Ram Ewe

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