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Found 2 results

  1. Hey guys and gals, how's all going, this is just to inform you that i'm gonna be doing a special kind of RP on the reborn server on Pokemon Online, and to give invite you to join, i will be on track on special info, such as the pokemon you catch, number of items, and other kinds of special RP related stuff. Now, the rules are simple, to join you must log into the pokemon reborn sever of pokemon online, when the adventure is about to start i will announce it, asking people to go to a special channel for this, announcements will be made once in a while to keep people informed that the adventure is going on, the main theme of this is a special and funny (and a little creepy) new way of playing, all commands will be written (to bring the charm of old school browser based games back), however, you must use the teambuilder to make your team with the pokemon you get, since gym battles will be made via me challenging you with the leader's team. Rules for the pokemon: To give you a little freedom, your pokemon can use any move they can learn, no matter if it's tutor or egg move, IVs and EVs are also at your choose and can be changed depending on wich gym leader you challenge (sometimes you will have no time to change it, since i might give you a surprise challenge), pokemon will gain levels in battle depending on their current levels and their actions, instead of a set amount of xp, for example: caterpie will give at least 1 lvl to any pokemon that battles it, as long as the pokemon is under level 15, pokemon evolutions will be done the same way they would normally go, except for happynes evolutions, i will take decision on when the pokemon evolves based on the way you treat your pokemon (using items will help, but sending your pokemon constantly to fight, if it's not a battle-like pokemon, might delay the evolution) therefore, you should treat your pokemon the way you would if they were real, now, trade evolutions are allowed, however, since not too many like to trade in this kind of stuff, there will also be special items that will help you evolve your pokemon. Rules for gym leaders and special events: Following the reborn idea, there will be 18 gym leaders (one of each type) gym leaders will have 6 pokemon each, pokemon levels will be based on the current number of badges the player possesses, gym leaders can be challenged in any order the player decides, in case a player wants to challenge a gym leader the narrator (me), will send the challenge to the player, this will take the players full turn, no matter how long the battle is, the same thing goes for special event battles (such as finding a legendary), however, if the player succeds on defeating the event battle, he/she might get a chance to do another action (like trying to catch, or dealing a final blow) Rules for turns: The turns will be taken on list order, so, players with special symbols might get a preferencial treatment, however, this will only apply to their turn order and nothing else, turns might be longer or shorter (hopefully all short) depending on the decitions being made, if two players are in the same area (i will tell wich other players are in the area), they can share a turn, making bonds with other players might help you get special events and other stuff, however, this can only be done as long as they both have their turn available on the round, a player can also use his/her turn to challenge another player, however only the challenger player's turn will be used, while the challenged will still keep its turn on the round, you can also challenge players who have already used their turns. Happenings and special events: To give a more special atmosphere to this, some special events can be triggered with certain actions, you never know when it's gonna happen, so stay alert, because the decisions made during these events will change what happens in your future during the adventure. Wild battles and trainer battles: As i explained before, all pokemon will give levels when defeated based on your pokemon levels and the type of pokemon you face, however, there will be special pokemon known as route guardians, who will always give the same amount of levels (since they will gain levels at the same pace you do), if a move will OHKO a pokemon, or the pokemon gets put in red healt, it won't do any move and you can catch it, however, if you don't want to catch it, you can always give it the final blow and get XP, all the rules before will apply to trainer battles too (you will be able to steal trainers pokemons, but you will need a special pokeball), you should also be carefull what you get your pokemon into, since they can die if you aren't careful, wild pokemon and trainer pokemon can also die, and this will affect somve future events. For now that's all, stay tuned, i will be waiting for you, on future days i will edit this to show all players information, such as pokemon levels, money owned and items. List of magna evolutions: Gen 1
  2. Hi, im Nhadala and this is my first ever written story! Its a story about a girl named Haruka! This story is the build-up for the main part which may or may not come depending on what kind of mood i am. But id appreciate any and all feedback, criticism and thoughts from other users! But be warned that this story is dark. http://pastebin.com/0Qt1fkyr
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