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  1. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 🙂🍰

  2. Shout out to the trainers I keep running into on Wonder Trade SORRY ALL I CAN OFFER IS POKERUS PKMN...... ....... ..

  3. --Owahhh...!! Oh my gosh, everyone's art is as stunning as ever!! Kicks dirt... I used to be kind of active on the forums like, 5 years ago maybe? Is time real? My old bones are so weary... (I ended up ghosting a lot of people too, ahhh--!! OTL) I only recently thought to see how things were doing and MAN-- MAN!!! It's been so fun playing again, and now all I wanna do is draw, draw, draw I'M RAMBLING AHHH BUT TBH, I wanted to wait until I had a backlog of cool things to post but I'm just too happy about remembering my account info + being here again to enjoy all the art that
  4. "I'm completely over Fern" - Me, Sleppu, telling the biggest lie of my life

    1. Azeria


      One does not simply 'get over' Fern....

    2. InnocentSerenity


      I can't get over him , either.

  5. *slams hands down* now this is the quality content i wanna see (IM SO GLAD, UGH THIS LOOKS SO GOOD.... puts hand over heart)
  6. Luna is so pretty honestly... I wanna draw ten lunas always, at all times. (She was such a hard boss though RIP) also @Will im afraid im going to have to arrest you because your artwork has stolen my heart ok BYE //SWOONS (seriously though that vero and that decibel are just. GORGEOUS. #INSP)
  7. oH MAN... I HAVENT CHECKED THE FORUM IN A LONG WHILE... you're all so cool //swoons at all of you all this artwork makes me so happy HECK YEA,
  8. lies down on floor for a few years

    1. pointblankerror


      welcome back sleppu

    2. Simon


      eyy weba :]

  9. *strikes a pose* its been a little while! have another decibel in a dusknoir outfit (because haku is great and has once again inspired me). decibel is all i draw apparently LOOKS UP..
  10. taka alcantara confirmed for actual owl
  11. tfw no bf :'^((( ... aaaaAAAA UR KILLING ME HAKU/ ////// this is too much for my tiny slep heart...ilu (also I think ari and combusken would be awesome partners) *points* seriously i adore the outfit you gave cain. I would wrestle ten entire bears for it. ten ENTIRE bears
  12. O OOHH H MY G OD D????????!/ ////////////// HAKU >.. .. WTF. ...IA M.. SO HAPPY... OH MY GOD???! *BODY SLAMS YOU* LOOK WHAT YOUVE DONE TO ME. ........you're so gre at im dying bye.. . thNA KYOU / //
  13. omg no need to apologize PATS YOU... commissions are pretty much always open since I pretty much have a lot of time on my hands \m/ \m/ also softly places my hands on everyones art. and also ur faces... ur all so talented and great... i love u all
  14. tfw ur senpai requests smth from you... HOPE IT CAME OUT OK... _(:'3 」∠)_
  15. Heck yeah man, go for it!! Feel free to change the age/info on it to suit you if you'd like, as long as credits there somewhere <3 //THUMBS UP Oh yeah, I understand the default ages! Vero's minor status comes into play in my story-line several times, so despite the default i decided to have him be 17 B^) and i wasnt expecting such good responses... aaAA... thank you everyone....!/////// (and heck yes ill draw terra just 4 u haku *holds ur hands in mine and sparkles like seven suns*)
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