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  1. Shout out to the trainers I keep running into on Wonder Trade SORRY ALL I CAN OFFER IS POKERUS PKMN...... ....... ..

  2. --Owahhh...!! Oh my gosh, everyone's art is as stunning as ever!! Kicks dirt... I used to be kind of active on the forums like, 5 years ago maybe? Is time real? My old bones are so weary... (I ended up ghosting a lot of people too, ahhh--!! OTL) I only recently thought to see how things were doing and MAN-- MAN!!! It's been so fun playing again, and now all I wanna do is draw, draw, draw I'M RAMBLING AHHH BUT TBH, I wanted to wait until I had a backlog of cool things to post but I'm just too happy about remembering my account info + being here again to enjoy all the art that
  3. "I'm completely over Fern" - Me, Sleppu, telling the biggest lie of my life

    1. Azeria


      One does not simply 'get over' Fern....

    2. InnocentSerenity


      I can't get over him , either.

  4. *slams hands down* now this is the quality content i wanna see (IM SO GLAD, UGH THIS LOOKS SO GOOD.... puts hand over heart)
  5. Luna is so pretty honestly... I wanna draw ten lunas always, at all times. (She was such a hard boss though RIP) also @Will im afraid im going to have to arrest you because your artwork has stolen my heart ok BYE //SWOONS (seriously though that vero and that decibel are just. GORGEOUS. #INSP)
  6. oH MAN... I HAVENT CHECKED THE FORUM IN A LONG WHILE... you're all so cool //swoons at all of you all this artwork makes me so happy HECK YEA,
  7. lies down on floor for a few years

    1. pointblankerror


      welcome back sleppu

    2. Simon


      eyy weba :]

  8. *strikes a pose* its been a little while! have another decibel in a dusknoir outfit (because haku is great and has once again inspired me). decibel is all i draw apparently LOOKS UP..
  9. taka alcantara confirmed for actual owl
  10. tfw no bf :'^((( ... aaaaAAAA UR KILLING ME HAKU/ ////// this is too much for my tiny slep heart...ilu (also I think ari and combusken would be awesome partners) *points* seriously i adore the outfit you gave cain. I would wrestle ten entire bears for it. ten ENTIRE bears
  11. O OOHH H MY G OD D????????!/ ////////////// HAKU >.. .. WTF. ...IA M.. SO HAPPY... OH MY GOD???! *BODY SLAMS YOU* LOOK WHAT YOUVE DONE TO ME. ........you're so gre at im dying bye.. . thNA KYOU / //
  12. omg no need to apologize PATS YOU... commissions are pretty much always open since I pretty much have a lot of time on my hands \m/ \m/ also softly places my hands on everyones art. and also ur faces... ur all so talented and great... i love u all
  13. tfw ur senpai requests smth from you... HOPE IT CAME OUT OK... _(:'3 」∠)_
  14. Heck yeah man, go for it!! Feel free to change the age/info on it to suit you if you'd like, as long as credits there somewhere <3 //THUMBS UP Oh yeah, I understand the default ages! Vero's minor status comes into play in my story-line several times, so despite the default i decided to have him be 17 B^) and i wasnt expecting such good responses... aaAA... thank you everyone....!/////// (and heck yes ill draw terra just 4 u haku *holds ur hands in mine and sparkles like seven suns*)
  15. --after TEN MILLION YEARS... I've finally gotten around to drawing the reborn protag squad *flexes* i kind of headcanon them to all just be part of this... idk, investigative group? Just to kinda check out what's going on with regions in dire situations (Reborn for ex.)
  16. I think, somewhere around 15 to 45 minutes ?? (Though that's not counting the countless distractions I end up paying more attention to...rip) If I'm going through a bad block it might take me an entire day to get something I like O(-(
  17. me when anyone draws fern: *starts crying* @zimvader42 YOU'RE GREAT... shh... i love it *softly pats computer screen* *cracks knuckles* im gonna dump a bit of stuff here, apologies in advance... BE READY. these last two are just doodles i do for my reborn blog each time i get a badge, ill update it as i get more! (btw, i named that trubbish Fern Jr)
  18. Obsidia Ward; Ondre (Quilava) vs Tangrowth (PULSE) --I always feel so sad when I'm up against any pulse pokemon, RIP OTL and man, everyone keeps getting sick huh :^(...throws blankets on all of you for extra protection. (summer needs to hurry up!!)
  19. everyone's so talented and kind, heck yeah!! its so motivating --also... hear me out okay... listen... Fern. but without his hair gelled to hell and back, uptown funk plays in the bg
  20. I made a sidebar image for my reborn sideblog and it gave me... so much trouble... RIP --and best wishes to you haku, hope to see you again sometime in the future...! :"0
  21. *swoons intensely over hakus art* DANNGGG you've heard it from me a thousand times at this point probably but GOD, i look up to you and your art so much omg, ITS SO GOOD... KEEP IT UP!! \o/
  22. yo did someone ask for Fern being a big five year old sore loser??? because i am here to deliver *flexes* spoiler alert: fern gets hecked up by typhlosion like 2 seconds after
  23. oooh man there's so much good art here, i'm gonna start crying. --also this is my first post on here so i'm super anxious that i might mess up but HERE I GO: Decibel (who i've named Mor), Kuro(?that's his name right..), and Alice Shelly and uhmmM, there it is *motions towards above drawings*
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