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  1. Congratulations to the entire team. I've been here since right before 14.5 and it's been an absolute blast to see this game and the team grow. Y'all did it. You made it home. Take a rest, you've earned it and then some.
  2. Awh man, if it does go off without a hitch next weekend, most of my full week off I requested for Actually Unrelated Reasons(disclosure: I am not a beta tester for this episode the timing is just really funny!)won't be able to be used playing Reborn E19! I guess that means I might be able to get a bunch more progress in Elden Ring before the TRUE GOTY takes over the rest of my time, huh?
  3. Out of curiosity, will Ice Beam be sitting there if I haven't completed the dex quest but HAVE done the 300 mon reward? Cause that applies to me. Just wanna make sure I'm not missing out on ol' reliable 90 BP ice coverage
  4. A card for my birthday? And the one I voted for no less? You shouldn't have! On a more serious note, whomst'dve? Am I blanking on who that is because i'm tired or
  5. EDIT: issue is fixed, please ignore. Ancient save file issue, apparently.
  6. My goodness. A lot of the code stuff flies over my head but it is an enlightening(and entertaining!) read every time. On a more serious note, please take some time to yourself to just relax if you need it Cass. We all know how hard you(and the rest of the dev team!)work, and we appreciate it. Game wouldn't be worth it if it ends up causing actual pain(aside from essentials headaches which are part and parcel of dev)to y'all!
  7. In my file that I started on E14, special shoutout to my Gardevoir who basically hard carried me through a good few fights, my starter Typhlosion who swept Kiki with a creative use of Nature Power and Flame Charge, and then this bad boy right here who is consistently a monster, under spoiler cut since its an image On my current file that I'm playing through for giggles? That's been the Bronzong and Arcanine show. I don't know what it is this playthrough, maybe it's because I didn't have a consistent Fire type since I picked Torterra, but Arcanine is just an absolute beast in Reborn, even when its still a Growlithe! Also Bronzong just kinda....did things. I can't explain it but it just sat there and made Aya an absolute pushover it was absurd. What's a Dragalge to a Big Bell?
  8. I really like the philosphy behind the difficulty modes here. Tweaking teams can lead to a whole lot of nonsense, and I feel should really be reserved for if something truly is broken and messed up. ...I.E Serra. You know the one. Anyways, I actually really look forward to this, and I think it might convince some of my friends to actually get into Reborn
  9. I'm not sure if it's me or the game, but I've experienced constant hanging scripts. This is just the latest. One of the other various ones not pictured here is a Sucker Punch hang, but I chocked that up to Sucker Punch never working ever in anything, so that's that. I'm now trapped in that cutscene and it won't continue at all. I have my backup save thankfully so I can reset and see if I can try and push through, but for now here's my game file to see if anything is up with it. It's one that started in....I think no later than V8, for sure, I don't quite recall the start version, but it was used in V10 Beta testing, if that matters. EDIT: So a second run of this cutscene except I talked to Erin from the bottom left chair made it run fine. Just a small update in case that helps in fixing...whatever the heck happened there. Game.rxdata
  10. Huh. We ranked Primarina and Incineroar and neglected to deal with Decidueye. whoops. Might as well handle that + another Gen 7 ghost type here as well. Right, one with the show then. Let's start with Decidueye. Decidueye For B Rank! Mimikyu for B Rank!
  11. As people have mentioned, Luna is pretty dang easy. There's a plethora of Pokemon available that kind of just accidentally wreck her. Dark type + dazzling gleam power up in that field = ouch. For me though, outside of her post-E14 Shade has been one of the easiest leaders for me. The fact that his Gengar is no longer just a run killer because of Shadow Ball is so nice. I dunno if it's just me being more prepared or not after being destroyed in my first playthrough of E14 back in the day, but Shade has now become the easiest leader for me to trounce without much thought.
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