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  1. i'm with you there longer it takes the better lets hope all is well for jan and his team as well for us fans
  2. that would be nice tho it may take them time to do so but as it at 35% we can hope jan is go it in he to do list
  3. nice work @Zumi loving the art work
  4. first thing is to you zumi love the art work you put in and to both you and jan on others thank you for a great game and my question is as we all know the new pokenom game is out at the end of the year and i'm guess it would be about verson 14 or 15 befor the new mons are added when do you think you guy would be putting the new mons in?
  5. loving it so far jan (tho i think some are from v11)
  6. nope it goes over to the next ver but keep ver 11 up to incase of cliches and that and oh so it was you flora that gliched jan hmm look like i'll have to come out of the void to face you
  7. so far so good tho to thos still getting bug make sure you have patch 2 oh and report them in said place the lovely ice cream sand witch has said
  8. Jan i must say nice work the update you put in for ease of life in the menu and save files is a great idea, and love the update on the town so far and that (started from the start again)
  9. the npc that told you that well you'll see the water fall that the one you need
  10. unless you use a earlier save befor fire gym
  11. when you go into mt valor set cold and go down
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