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  1. Removing the mod and putting it back in triggers the time to work for the massagers, as well as letting time pass unhindered by manually changing it for 24 hours in-game. So if someone encounters this bug, they just need to stop touching the clock for about half an hour.
  2. Well, I'm going to try taking the mod off and letting the day change naturally. I'll report back if it does.
  3. Did this ever actually get resolved? Because now I'm having the same issue with my game. Restart and reboot have not changed it. Rarity in the Game Corner still works as intended.
  4. Furfrou isn't listed as a potential trade from the man in North Obsidia, in exchange for the Sunkern. You can catch Barboach with an Old Rod in the Aqua Base, no Good Rod required.
  5. Edit: FIXED Following the steps you've laid out before, and having done this before with 16, I was looking forward to seeing what improvements you've made in 17. I redownloaded the game, then your mods. The Scripts.rxdata included in the download is non-functioning, resulting in the error below. I only removed the itemban module, none others. Switching back to the original Scripts.rxdata fixes the problem, but that leaves me without mods. --------------------------- Pokemon Reborn --------------------------- Critical Error C0000005 at address 10036CC2 --------------------------- OK --------------------------- Edit: Leaving the above posted in case someone else has the same issue. I restarted the process, and somewhere along the lines, ended up changing the format of the Mods folder downloaded in the link while putting it in place in my Reborn/Data folder. Lesson learned: double check everything.
  6. Just out of curiosity, I noticed some typos throughout the latter end of play through on E16. Have those been amended for the coming update? I mean, obviously, it's not game breaking or anything, I just like fixing typos because I'm a nutter.
  7. So, another bug following that. I just played the role of a certain stranger in a certain cold, stone place with a gratuitous amount of books. After that little adventure was done, and I was returned to my normal character, lo and behold, my character went through a race change! He went from being the black avatar to the white avatar with black and green clothing. While this isn't harmful to gameplay, it's certainly a strange little bug! I hope it doesn't evolve.
  8. Encountering a script error when talking to a certain blond girl at a certain hidden mansion you find after exploring a certain stinky, underground place. Script error crashes the game at the end of dialogue string. It shouldn't be a problem to complete this section of the game, as long as I save and don't talk to the certain blond girl, but still! Thought it'd be best to bring it up. Let me know if there's any way I can provide more information.
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