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  1. Nice work, hope that the next route get even better time!
  2. go back to the railnet, near where you first found the train, you will find a new-ish area to explore.
  3. the solution for this puzzle is a lot simpler now, look for special WALLS ( still in the railnet )
  4. iron head its later in the game, the circus part you will get iron tail
  5. Alolan raichu stoked sparksurfer + mega pidgeot hurricane span worked well for me, you get 3 or 4 turns of electric field to span hurricane and thunderbolt and this should be enought
  6. Just for reference, what pokemon are you battling against ? https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Own_Tempo_(Ability) Here is a list of pokemons that learn own tempo an ability that prevents confusion, and dont forget that underwater field activates water veil, and for what so ever reason you got a mon that have sheer force and whirlpool, sheer force should cancel the add effects and give a little boost for the whirlpool initial hit. Hope this helps.
  7. look, i'm going to give you a strange sugestion, but it could work wonder's if you realy try, MAGCARGO, strange 4x weak pokemon, but that DUFUS learns shell smash and have acess to amnesia, i think that should do the trick ultil you get a better fire tipe that's isnt arcanine
  8. Maybe episode 18 will give you interesting inputs for this topic but for now, since i do not know how much of the game you played i will wait and watch, be safe !
  9. Are you using only keyboard ? Have you changed something on the F1 gamepad keyboard part of the menu ?? Are you using a mod of some sort for reborn or rejuvenation ??? Plz can you provide a save file to test on a diferent computer ?
  10. The only thing i would add here is a tier A+ for delphox, and let blaziken alone on the S tier cuzz this mon is stupid and you can use litte effort to win any battle with him. And of course since we are talking bout a A+ tier we can move thing around like swampert and incineroar to A+ since they are little better than thyplosion infernape and sceptile, and to be clear i deen this rank on pokemon power alone, if we are looking on the entire team this rank would be a lot diferent ( but blaziken would still be S rank )
  11. nature power sceptile should be A, instead of a great move pool you can span leaf storm mega drain and nature power and you are good, and some fields you get a lot for nature power that combined with unburden terrain seed its OP, and dont forget you can get mega sceptile before hardy gym fight. And plz dont forget the legendary mixed attack sceptile spammer of leaf storm and abuser of terrain, seriously you did dirty puting him on that rank.
  12. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 😉🍰

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      hey work got the best of me, but thanks as aways

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      Oh oof, you're welcome 😄

  13. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a fun day ^^🍰

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