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Found 4 results

  1. I was wondering, what could happen if Aster pushed Eclipse away from getting killed by Sirius's Chandelure and got killed instead. What would be Eclipse's reaction? How would she fell? Would she take his place, if remained in Team Meteor? What would happen to her father? Would she go rogue or lose her will? Please share you thoughs with me.
  2. So I was wondering, what could happen if... Elena Molinar (Corey's Wife/ Heather's mom was alive) was survived the attack back then? I would like to see, what kind of impact would had for the story and for her family. Feel free to share your thoughs for that.
  3. Why would you join Team Meteor, if you would? ........
  4. While watching the 7th Street arc on YouTube, I had a crazy idea popping in my brain, while watching the battle against Mrs. Craudburry (the "nice" old hag, we must all "respect")... What if Mrs. Craudburry joined Team Meteor? Here are a few points, why she could teamed up with then: She basically hates EVERTHYING in Reborn; including the gangs. Has a DEADLY hatred towards the protagonists for raiding at her house with the Magma/Aqua Gang; including trying to kill them. "Extreme amount" of wealth, in case to support them. Has criminal ways to archive her goals through shaming and blackmail. Desires control of the authorities. What's your opinion about this? If she really indented to join Team Meteor, what would be the first thing to do?
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