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  1. Oh boy. I look up for the Inverse Field puzzle. My brain wants more pain. I also look forward for the new item and field. This is going to be fun!
  2. *see's new news* *get's excited* Cool stuff with that full Titania picture, good job Diana! News about 16! What? When? Where? Who?
  3. That's the best image of Cain I have ever seen. Wonderful work! And Gangam Fern is hilarious!
  4. Cinnamon roll got her own wallpaper! Shelly is too pure for Reborn. Sleppu is now part of the canon squad!
  5. Hands down, it's Mega Beedrill. IT HAS THE DRILLS THAT CAN PIERCE THE HEAVENS. I had to.
  6. Kanto: Favorite: Lance - Capes and Dragons, hard to be cooler then this. Least Favorite: Bruno - he's a TriHard. Jotho: Favorite: Koga - He rose from a Gym Leader to Elite 4, gotta respect that determination. Least Favorite: Bruno - One generation later, still a TriHard. Hoenn Favorite: Drake - Achieved beeing cooler then Lance. Least Favorite: Phoebe - her design says ghost types where exactly? Sinnoh Favorite: Flint - you can't not love the Ronald within. He's a bro. Least Favorite: Aaron - I always found him annoying. And Drapion is not even a bug type! Unova Favorite: Caitlin - Recurring character that grow with age and trainer skills? Yes please. Least Favorite: Shauntal - I actually like all of Unova E4, it's just that her the least. Kalos Favorite: Wikstrom - Honourable knight, love the concept. Least Favorite: Drasna - Granny's not rememberable.
  7. I do not remember if I posted here before, but I couldn't find a previous comment so here I go. I have one favourite of each type and a legendary. Normal - Persian Fire - Blaziken Fighting - Lucario Water - Clawitzer Flying - Crobat Grass - Bellossom Poison - Nidoking Electric - Galvantula Ground - Rhyperior Psychic - Reuniclus Rock - Kabutops Ice - Froslass Bug - Scizor Dragon - Hydreigon Ghost - Aegislash Dark - Absol Steel - Aggron Fairy - Sylveon Legendary - Mew
  8. Anyway, a lot of starters are being repeated here. Looks like if there are no personal issues, the choices will be the same. Here is my top 5 most disliked 5. Pikachu - unofficially, since I don't have anything bad to say about starters other than the four below. Besides that hate that mouse in general. 4. Fennekin - I don't really mind the first two stages. It's the Delphox that ruined the design. That ear hair are horrible 3. Tepig - yay, another fire/fighting starter! And worse then the previos two as well! I say no to Bacon. 2. Charmander - I'm still salty about it's mega forms. There are other pokemon who could get one, but no! Everyones favourite lizard had to get a new shiny form with blue flames! Even when the Yzard was perfectly fine as a mega. 1. Chicorita - ahhh Chicorita, poor thing. So underwhelming. I know it's useful when used right. But plainly every other choice is a better one.
  9. yup, nevermind

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