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  1. Hihi just finished v12 Rejuvenation (jesus that was so much content aaaaaa-) Anyway was wondering if there's a thread somewhere with everything we know so far on what's happened? Like a time-tree-map thing? Start out before the calamity etc...? Also whatever happened to the prophecies and why was Anju kept in a prison again? (I played up to Amber before taking a long hiatus due to uni so im getting fuzzy memories :/)
  2. Typhlosion and Blaziken together seems overkill, especially since Gardevoir already provides Psychic coverage. A water type would be nice for the fire weakness from Weavile/Breloom?
  3. A big big way to counter Shelly (and I think Narcissa in Rejuv) imo is to use your Rare Candies past the level cap for evolution. Most starters evolve at lvl36, but the CAP is 35; level up, then Common-Candy down, and you have a strong evolved starter instead of a measly 2nd-stage-evo. This applies to quite a few pokemon as well, so do some research!
  4. If I recall, the other keys mentioned were not exactly Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald or Amethyst right? Perhaps there's more to read into the keys than we thought?
  5. Thanks for the tips @Autumn Zephyr and @Des Teto! I will take Silvally into training ASAP. That's a good shout. I considered briefly Drought/Drizzle mons. My main issue with them is that Politoed, Pelipper, Ninetales (Kanto) and Torkoal are all mons which didn't seem to benefit more from the field, and in fact look (BST wise) not ideal either. I'd end up instead running some form of hybrid Rain/Sun team, which tbh sounds intriguing.... The second issue I had with weather was I didn't like that I could not fire off strong fire/water moves whenever the wrong weather was up. This normally means Delphox couldn't KO some steel/grass Pokemon while they're both out. It's why I didn't think of it first....but I might still give the weathers a shot? I'm quite indecisive atm. I'm thinking that IF I do a weather based one, I'll probably end up going - Heliolisk (Thunder, Hyper Voice, Solar Power/Dry Skin idek yet) - Swift Swim abuser? - Sun abuser? Preferably Grass type? Chlorophyll + weather ball = Victreebel.....??? Grass Pledge Venusaur?? - Weather Setter 1 - Weather Setter 2 (Suggestions welcome! I can't think of anything good with the field's moves :/) Re Aurora Veil: I agree tbh, and I might consider Froslass, but not having Shadow Ball on it seems stupid, and that move is useless in the field...but I was also today years old when I realised it can learn Weather Ball. I'll think about it! Re Altaria: I'll keep it with me, and I think I'll give it the Mega Stone in the event the fields don't go off. Feel like I don't have more items to give it anyway, and it'll probably have the moveset Hyper Voice/Dragon Pulse/Moonblast/Roost? Any details welcome! Re movesets: Thanks for all the suggestions! ATM since all the moves recommended bar SIlver Wind/Giga Drain on Yanmega are TM moves, I'll keep rotating them around based on who's on the team vs which person in what field. I think I'll end up going Grass Knot on Delphox, and I'll bear the Psychic option for Primarina. (I'm mainly using Misty Terrain as an ASAP change of terrains when I can't use pledges because swapping in etc). Thanks everyone for your suggestions, but if you have more to critique please lmk! Always glad to hear opinions!
  6. Hey all, I've managed to beat EP18 (woooo) and now I'm currently revamping my team. tldr: This team started as an attempt to exploit the Rainbow Field, but I was looking for more advice + wanted to know if xyz works. Team Details: (They are all rotating around atm) Delphox (Magician) - Fire Pledge, Mystical Fire, Psyshock, FILLER > I'm looking for filler moves, which probably will end up being Sunny Day? > Not sure if it's worth keeping both Fire Pledge and Mystical Fire? Primarina (Torrent) - Water Pledge, Sparkling Aria, Moonblast, Misty Terrain > Same as Delphox: Water Pledge AND Sparkling Aria? > Misty Terrain is easier to setup: should I replace it though? Roserade (Technician) - Giga Drain, Weather Ball, Extrasensory, Leaf Storm > Same as Delphox: Giga Drain AND Leaf Storm? > Technician atm is only for Giga Drain in Factory Fields; I can try to get different Hidden Powers? Yanmega (Speed Boost) - Bug Buzz, Air Slash, U-Turn, FILLER > Probably Giga Drain? > Was considering Sonic Boom as FILLER but I wasn't sure it was worth with the current HP values of 200-300++ atm for Pokemon ~level 90+ Weavile (Pickpocket) - Ice Shard, Icicle Crash, Night Slash, FILLER > Mainly because I need some form of answer to Psychic and Ghost > I use Weavile for it's Dark typing and Physical Dark attacks (Shadow Ball/Dark Pulse is weaker in Rainbow fields) Galvantula (Compoundeyes) - Sticky Web, Thunder Wave, Bug Buzz, Discharge > Mainly Sticky Web setup > IDK if it's worth atm (NB Following 3 are just strong physical attackers) Metagross (Clear Body) - Hammer Arm, Meteor Mash, Bullet Punch, Zen Headbutt > Strong Steel type coz why not lmao. Lucario (Justified) - Close Combat, Aura Sphere, Extremespeed, Meteor Mash > When I need to use CC Garchomp (Sand Veil) - Stomping Tantrum, Dragon Claw, Iron Head, Rock Slide > Strong Ground Type I'm also considering the following Pokemon/ideas: - Castform is being trained but I'm not sure how good it is - Noivern is decently fast, but Boomburst hits adjacent mons, and I don't have any ghost types (Does Boomburst hit adjacent ghost types in Rainbow Field?) - Altaria has Cloud Nine, Hyper Voice, Dragon Pulse: should I use it or it's Mega Form? How does Pixilate work with Hyper Voice in Rainbow Field? - Drampa is Altaria but slower and stronger? - Is Aurora Veil worth it? - Can I abuse Cosmic Power or Wish? The way I see it atm that aren't leaving my team are Delphox and Primarina core; the rest are (relatively) expandable. Would appreciate any help, sorry for the long post! EDIT: This might help: https://pokemon-reborn.fandom.com/wiki/Rainbow_Field
  7. You have 3 starter Pokemons, allowing access to 3 different fields: Rainbow, Burning and Swamp Grassy Terrain on Venusaur gives you 4 if you would want it, and a Sludge Wave mon would give you access to Corrosive. Not sure if you want to abuse them or not though! Just thought I'd throw it out there ^__^
  8. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a fun day 😉🍰

  9. I am doing a water mono run I shall now bring cut on all my mons. ALL OF THEM pls let us freeze the flowers ame pls I beg u
  10. Or you know, ame thinks that the whole E4 is a gym and says "hey we're going to use this in two gyms! One's just not really a gym gym!" get ready for lin bois time to grind my fairies
  11. Can we just keep spectulating which mon will benefit most So we can predict what's going to be in Ep16 and where
  12. Hell in two words: Further Maths

  13. Something I'd like to add, you can get Lotad for Water Types pre-Florinia, post-Julia. Noticed you didn't put it there. Also, don't forget Eevee for post-Aya Pre-Serra, where u can get Flareon/Vaporeon/Jolteon/Espeon/Umbreon/Leafeon/Glaceon/Sylveon
  14. The wait for beta to finish begins

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      Look at Ikaru's posts, Beta isn't here yet. Long wait for public release yet.

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      No Beta yet >.>

    3. ArthurZH


      B-But E-Episode 15

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