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  1. - What led you to Pokemon Reborn? This is actually a weird story. I was on Pokemon Showdown, and joined a Pokemon league called 'The Sora League', which was basically a few friends around the Australia/Asia timezones that came together and hung out on a server/room. The champion/host, Noah (goes by Revan online now I think) introduced this to all of us, and I decided to tag along! To be honest, I was looking for a more difficult, fan-made Pokemon game that didn't really involve fakemons and had the updated Pokemon roster, so it was perfect. - What do you think about the battle system in the game? Actually amazing. Having played showdown for a bit, I found the normal games a bit monotonous after a while. When I started Reborn, I realised how difficult it was going to be having joined prior to field effects introduction, as most people had some form of really annoying strategy (e.g. Hail Bright Powder Snow Cloak Glaceon and Frosslass in a double battle for Serra.....yikes). I really enjoyed the initial difficulty, and found the field effects really really fun to play around. I personally prefer to stick to mainstream Pokemon stuff, and don't super enjoy fakemons/alternate forms, but the field effects I was fine with (as it was very interactive and realistic). (having said that I also really enjoyed the delta pokemon in Insurgence). Personally I think that the battle system's only drawback is the incomplete animations for moves and the lag around it, which to be honest is getting worked on (Bless Ame and her team) and I'm really looking forward to seeing cool funky animations whilst wrecking things around with underrated Pokemon. EDIT: Other thought that occurred to me: would also appreciate having more ways to make the fields, e.g. in rejuvenation if you use Z-moves you can create fields. Don't think this was done enough in Reborn personally, but maybe because it made it easier...? - What do you think about the stories/narrative in the game? I think this has been the best bit about Reborn, is the interconnected relationships between characters, the plot build up, the backstory we're given, the way Ep18 has been shaping us up to be the "biggest baddie" of the good guys and how we're not super strong (we beat 4 leaders and 1 backup in a row in 3 consecutive battles....). There's a lot of interesting plot points as well, ranging from real-life pollution, corruption in the upper echelons of society (gym leaders), the complexity of mental health issues (c.f. Florinia, Amaria, Charlotte, Corey), the complex issues around orphanages (how they were treated and the regulations involved) and so, so much more that I really loved learning about, and playing through, as it gives us a sense of attachment, the ability to resonate with the characters and importantly it's just good storywriting. - In particular, what do you think about the queer characters in the game, like Cain and Adrienn? So I'm gay and I don't see much representation, nor do I get to learn much about the LGBT+ world because of my country of origin, but I really enjoyed seeing Adrienn, Cain, Amaria and Titania in the game. I think there's a good level of representation, mainly because with some of these characters I can tell that they're "queer" behaviour isn't their "only" characteristics, i.e. they're not portrayed as only being queer for the sake of it. There's a lot of backstory on Cain and how he got rejected, and why he decides to flaunt his sexuality as a way of being truthful; there's more to Adrienn than being non-binary, as he is shown to be someone who really cares about the city and its restoration; there's more to Amaria and Titania's lesbian relationship, as it touches upon mental health, depression, dependency of someone in depression and its mental toll. It's a really really well written queer representation, and I like it. Overall I think Pokemon Reborn has managed to satisfy a significantly large proportion of the Pokemon fans by providing an interesting, harder, actually competent Pokemon game (as opposed to *cough cough*). I have about 10 save files (at some stage they're all getting deleted so I can restart Ep19) and have thoroughly enjoyed the game ever since I was introduced to it about 5-6 years ago (gosh darn I'm old). I'm really excited to see new games like Rejuvenation starting to pop up, especially in context of difficulties. I'm not going to lie, I highly doubt that in the near future we're going to be able to see another equally, well-written game, in context of its storyline, difficulty, and its ability to resonate with the player throughout the game. P.S. Ame if you're reading this bless you for making this game. Devs if you're reading this bless y'all for helping develop the game.
  2. I have mild flashbacks to the really really old Serra gym This was about gen 5 I think with perma hail and that kinda nonsense Snow cloak blizzard spam was a thing. This was before field effects/seeds were implemented. She had I think Abomasnow, Glaceon (Snow Cloak), Frosslass (Snow Cloak), Mamoswine, and other scary things So tbh I'll take this version of the gym at any stage. Please do not bring the old Serra back. Please.
  3. Hi! Not sure if this is a silly question, but I assume this only works on mac? (and I was wondering if 18.3 will have a windows version....or if that's in the works / waiting for this beta to finish! or if 18.3 was always going to be exclusively mac....)
  4. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 😄🍰

  5. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a fun day 😉🍰

  6. I am doing a water mono run I shall now bring cut on all my mons. ALL OF THEM pls let us freeze the flowers ame pls I beg u
  7. Or you know, ame thinks that the whole E4 is a gym and says "hey we're going to use this in two gyms! One's just not really a gym gym!" get ready for lin bois time to grind my fairies
  8. Can we just keep spectulating which mon will benefit most So we can predict what's going to be in Ep16 and where
  9. Hell in two words: Further Maths

  10. Something I'd like to add, you can get Lotad for Water Types pre-Florinia, post-Julia. Noticed you didn't put it there. Also, don't forget Eevee for post-Aya Pre-Serra, where u can get Flareon/Vaporeon/Jolteon/Espeon/Umbreon/Leafeon/Glaceon/Sylveon
  11. The wait for beta to finish begins

    1. Abyssreaper99


      Look at Ikaru's posts, Beta isn't here yet. Long wait for public release yet.

    2. Jericho


      No Beta yet >.>

    3. ArthurZH


      B-But E-Episode 15

  12. HYPE FOR EP15

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