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  1. would you have two Link Stone ????
    I can give you the following Pokemon !!
    Mamoswine, Furfrou, Absol, Medicham, Porygon and One

  2. If anybody is trading a Snivy I would apreciate it if you gave it to me, I can give a Shiny Milktank holding a heart scale in return
  3. I just completed the Squirtle sidequest and want to know if I should put in the effort to level up and evolve the squirtle and if it deserves to replace my Walrein and/or goes well with my tea My Team: Charizard Ability Solar Power level 49 Moves: Air Slash Flamethrower Dragon Claw Flame Burst Electivire Ability Motor Drive Level 49 Moves: Thunderbolt Thunder Punch Screech Strength Zoroark Ability Illusion level 49 Moves: Night Daze Night Slash Embargo Rock Smash Gardevoir Ability Syncronize level 49 Moves: Calm Mind Draining Kiss Psychic Hynosis Roserade Ability Technician level 49 Moves: Giga Drain Growth Petal Blizzard Cut Walrein Ability Thick Fat level 49 Moves: Body Slam Brine Blizzard Yawn
  4. This is how a level 1 Seel defeated a level 75 Garchomp with 1 move

    Screenshot (7).png

  5. I just beat Kiki and am on the part where I have to look for Cain on Azurine Island just wanted to know if my team will be fine for the time being Charizard Level : 42 Ability: Solar Power Item: None Moves: Wing Attack Flame Burst Fire Fang Dragon Rage Walrein Level: 44 Ability: Thick Fat Item: Sea Incense Moves: Body Slam Ice Fang Brine Rock Smash Gardevoir Level: 45 Ability: Syncronize Item: None Moves: Calm Mind Draining Kiss Shadow Sneak Psychic Zoroark Level: 42 Ability: Illusion Item: None Moves: Night Slash Foul Play Agility Extrasensory Electivire Level: 40 Ability: Motor Drive Item: None Moves: DIscharge Thunder Punch Low Kick Electro Ball Roserade Level: 43 Ability: Technician Item: Rose Incense Moves: Giga Drain Growth Petal Blizzard Cut
  6. I ended up getting the Elekid egg from the police egg quest and I want to be ready to evolve it when I need to, I also need a fairy and/or pshychic type on my team. In exchange for both I have a metang I got from a wonder trade holding a heart scale, if anybody can help me out with this I would highly aprreciate it.
  7. I need a shiny stone to evovle my Roselia and as far as I know the closest shiny stone is on Azurine Island but I cant wait that long so if anybody gives me one it would be much appreciated.
  8. Thank you very much also im sorry I couldnt give you anything decent this time
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