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  1. I just got to 7th street and I have enough for the Cyndaquill, my current fire type is Arcanine and I am wondering which is better for my team Arcanine Level 60 Moves Fire Fang Flare Blitz Thunder Fang Extreme Speed Rest of Team: Decidueye Level 60 Moves Sucker Punch Leaf Blade Brave Bird Spirit Shackle Lanturn Level 60 Moves Hydro Pump Brine Discharge Stockpile Espeon Level 60 Moves Morning Sun Swift Psychic Dazzling Gleam Glaceon Level 60 Moves Mirror Coat Blizzard Icy WInd Hail Vivillon Level 60 Moves Bug Buzz Hurricane Sleep Powder Powder
  2. I got a Vulpix from the mystery egg and I just got to Lapis so I joined Magma gang to get the Fire Stone (I have been told that I can get it through one of the gangs sidequest) but I always get a Water Stone no matter what gang I join, so anyways I need a Fire Stone
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