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  1. Umbreon it will be i guess ! I don't think i really need Espeon, since to hit poison and fighting types, i have Talonflame and Swampert ( Acrobatics actually deals a lot ^^ ) For egg moves, i will see about that later, i don't think i really need those right now ( but if i do, i will consider it ) Thanks for your help
  2. Hello guys ! Well, everything is in the title, i just got a shiny Eevee on my shiny run but i have no idea which eeveelution to use ! I'm up to Serra actually ( Just beat her ) and my team is actually : -Male Meowstic -Roserade -Mawile ( kinda weak mon but with iron plate + sheer force, it hits like a truck with iron head ) -Swampert ( my starter, but haven't got any good stabs on him atm ) -Luxray -Talonflame ( kinda useless, until i have Flare Blitz so not yet ) I have a few substitute to the team : -Mightyena ( But i don't think i'm gonna use it again ) -Linoone ( not kidding, this boy made a pretty good job until lvl 30-35 ) And some mons i haven't trained yet but that i can use for sure ( well, Noibat and Phanpy only but i could train Zubat or trubbish aswell ) ( I will get Trapinch later aswell ) So i was wondering, which eeveelution could be the best, considering what i actually have in my team ? ( I have Leaf Stone, Thunder Stone, Water Stone and Fire stone right now ) Thanks already for your help guys !
  3. Hey guys, and thanks for your replies ! Infernape is one of my favorite starters, with Swampert and Typhlosion so, i took the one that would help me the most in early but so far it hasn't been easy, it's raining almost all the time There is one big problem with that : i got Minccino on that house And yeah, i think i will put Canary away for a while i think, his damages are not so bad but, it's too weak for the moment. I looked about the Growlithe, i will do the side quest to get it but i don't think i will use it into the next gym, since it's Poison if i'm right. I saw about the AI and yeah, it's definitely different from the main games. Well, thank you for your advices, i will try to see how it goes now and, give an update probably after the next gym i think !
  4. Hello guys I'm kinda new to this game so that's why i'm looking for some advice ! Here is my team for the moment : I've just done the 2nd gym ( Florinia ) without too many issues ( i needed 2 tries to actually do it ) but i'm not sure about my team right now. My plan right now is to add Shinx, and to remove Mankey for the moment ( i love Luxray^^ ) but i honnestly don't know what could i catch to make this team better for the next important battles/gyms so if you can give me an advice on that, that would be helpful ! ( If possible, don't spoil me about the story, i wanna discover it by myself ) Thanks already for your help
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