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  1. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope you will have a great day 🙂🍰

  2. Known as: Acstaton99 but you can call me Andrew if it's easier Age: 19 (I turn 20 in 18 days as of writing) Gender: Male Birthday: September 14th, 1999 Location: Huntsville, AL Height: 6'2 Hair Color: Blonde/Platinum Eye Color: Blue Pets: A black lab named Abby and a maine coon cat named Archimedes Relationship Status: Single Favorite Food: A good Deep Dish Pizza Favorite Drink: a good cup of Hot tea Favorite Color: Blue Favorite Kind of Music: Rock Favorite Band: Breaking Benjamin or Skillet Favorite Album: No Shame- Tenth Avenue North (it changes from week to week) Favorite Song: Jonathan Young- Breaking the Habit Favorite Game: Persona 3 FES Favorite Game Genre: JRPG Hobbies: I perform professionally as a magician/illusionist, Lead a college ministry, & have recently taken up Gunpla building I am an old veteran who joined circa 2013 and was active for a bit but vanished not too long into High School. I was 13 and an 8th-grade student when I first joined but am now a sophmore in college studying CyberSecurity who will be 20 in a few weeks. I have the veteran tag but It's been so long I feel like a new user. Please feel free to message me about anything! I love connecting with people and am always game to talk. I work as a cybersecurity associate for a company and as a barista at a local tea shop. I'm glad to make your acquaintance!
  3. It's hard to believe this forum is still around. I doubt anyone would remember me. I'm an old reborn vet and haven't been active in around six years. I first joined when I was in middle school and am now starting my sophomore year of college.

    I'll be doing an introduction in the vet-introduction soon but given how long I've been gone- I feel like a new member.

    About to start over from scratch in a new reborn playthrough.

    I hope to reconnect or connect with y'all for the first time.

    1. doombotmecha


      Well, welcome back! What with new starters and wild encounter changes, it should feel almost like a new game too.  I honestly agree with you on the forum front--I thought for 8 months in high school that reborn really had gotten a C&D and shut down. Sometimes it feels like this is one of the last of a dying breed--but I'm gonna be here until the end. Speaking of ends, Ame is in process on E19, which should include the last gym, elite 4, and postgame in one fell swoop. I'm so stoked. Who knows, maybe by the time you get to the end of e18 the final episode will be out!

    2. SilverAngelus


      Welcome back~

      We haven't met before, so it's nice to meet you! 

  4. Ok Seems fair. Congrats to the new staff.
  5. Wish me luck, I am gonna be trying out for shot put for my school's track and field team.

  6. Microsoft, Why you delay Halo 5?

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    2. Maelstrom


      when was that said? the little video showing that they were making showed only that. They had always said that it wasn't coming any time soon.

    3. Raindrop Valkyrie

      Raindrop Valkyrie

      might have the wrong info on that one in perticular. But most games people assumed they were releasing at launch, most were not. (Like the Infamous game for PS4.) I don't usually pay a lot of attention to Xbox for the most part so might have been wrong lol.

    4. RasenShot


      I'm only happy that they are going to release a Halo 2 Anniversary, that game was awesome.

  7. acstaton99


    Banned because red and silver masks are outlawed in reborn.
  8. acstaton99


    Banned for excessive Ban-Ception
  9. Can anyone help me get swirlix

    1. Chevaleresse


      why would you want one

    2. acstaton99


      I want it so I have a pure fairy type pokemon.

  10. I am currently addicted to this new update. I am enjoying it but I am more curious about the banner.
  11. Hey Girls, I need some advice on picking out flowers for a girl.

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    2. Noivy


      summer pls

    3. Cowtao


      @Neo. Luka kinda said it. >>; IMO. Y'know. Just saiyan.

    4. acstaton99
  12. Just a thought but Imagine how hard the gyms will be once megas are fully implemented.

    1. 2tousent


      my current team can have 3 megas too :P i don't think i'll have a problem

    2. acstaton99


      I have 2 megas but The leaders then again are gonna be able to out match us.

  13. If this is to end in fire, Then we shall all burn together. Watch the flames climb high, into the night.

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