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  1. Joy was rather peeved when Omega got back up. People weren't suppose to do that it was annoying and even more annoying now that Omega decided to transform into something Joy watched on the shows in the morning...when she woke up to anyway. She was reeving the engine of the car as she stared at the giant Omega trying to figure out what to do next when the girl who she didn't even realize was still in the car spoke snapping her out of her pondering. "Wait you're..... Never mind Umm...yeah maybe she just got giant like those shows with the people in silly bright spandex suits enemies do. Just be ready to jump out since the car might not make it though." Joy said as she started to drive towards the giant Omega again looking for a place she could run the car into the them.
  2. Bridgett moves up to Einherjar mode level two and use Valkyrie Break targeting Viral A2-i No. 150, Viral A2-i No. 151, SDHC No. 218, SDHC No. 222, and SDHC No. 224. using four cartridges to ignore charge. dealing 2.5[WD] (3d6)+3d12+ 50% to each of them. Valkyrie Breaker and Einherhar mode Bridgett stuff
  3. "Well Guess the Big Boss is here time to get a bit serious.." Bridgett said under her breath a bit smiling. "But first lets do some clean up. Gusisnautar." She said launching a wave of magical projectiles at some of the enemies. Mornings' Arrows Arcanadynamic Exchange is now active Raising Bridgett's WD to D6s from D4s. Bridgett activates Eniherjar mode at level one. Then uses Gusisnautar (Magic arrow with new name lol) shooting 3 at SDHC No. 220 and two at SDHC No. 225 dealing 6+25%(Einherjar mode) damage for each shot. Einherjar mode and Gusisnautar Bridgett stuff
  4. Bridgett will use Gleipnir on Viral A2-1 No 150. stunning it for one turn. Gleipnir Bridgett stuff
  5. "Hahahaha... Who dares mess with the mind of the fallen angel....really whats in the world is going on? Where am I."
  6. Joy stayed in the car watching the two figures as the others got out. Figuring that the other figure fighting the one she recognized as Omega was this Uno who needed help or was helping them (Honestly it was confusing to her) she called Mr. Cuddles back to his ball as she made sure her seat belt was fastened. Giving wicked smile and a wave to any of the others who looked back at her as she revved the engine of the car before slamming the peddle down and shooting out towards Omega intent on running her down with the car.
  7. Bridgett will deactivate Einherjar mode. Bridgett will use Hurstwic using 3 cartridges to give her, 6D, and Gabriel giving them 12 DR and 6 Regen for three turns. Hurstwic Bridgett stuff to remember
  8. Joy marches straight towards the car with Mr. Cuddles in front of her who jumps into the car first and started shoving its two occupants out the others side with his strength and bulk. "You best get out of his way. This whole thing has interrupted his snack time and he is a bit unhappy." She said with a slight giggle as she took the drivers seat. "Hey you all better hurry up and get in. This is your lots job to finish if the weird ladies voice is anything to go by." She called out the others on the beach mainly the ones who where there before she arrived as she revved the engine of the car.
  9. Bridgett Activates Einherjar mode Then use Valkyrie Breaker on High Bit Custom No. 4637, 4638, 4639, and 4640 using 4 cartridges to ignore the turn of charge dealing 2.5[wd](3d4)+1d12+25% to them. Einherjar mode and Valkyrie Breaker Bridgett stuff
  10. "Warning foreign interference detected. All but basic systems disabled. Please proceed with caution My Lady." Mornings Arrow chimed sounding a little bit hurt. "Okay please be careful. I'll try to remove the whats causing this." Bridgett said with a nod as she stopped and pointed morning arrow the robots and launched a volley of magic. Bridgett uses Magic arrow on Item Pod #29 dealing 6 damage 5 times to it. Magic Arrow Bridgett stuff
  11. Joy listened to the other cadets sort of explain the situation. She still had no clue who this Uno he was talking about is."Wow, thats like a proper way of reporting things but can't we get a car or something that would be much faster then trying to run all the way there. I'll drive and everything" Joy chimed in hoping to avoid having to do more physical work.
  12. Joy watched the scene between whatever that lady was and the cadet even after that she had even less of a clue what the hell was going on. She was about to say something as her A-comm went off. "Oh hello its Joy. I have no clue what the hell is going on but apparently its not over yet and the stone isn't safe, soooo we are going need to get over to there as fast as possible. Okay!!!" Joy said into her A-comm her voice slightly less joyful the usual.
  13. Bridgett just sat at the side and watched the fight unfold it was interesting to say the least. "Umm...I don't know any dolphins that live in woods the ones I have read about all live in water...and don't fly." She said as she walked over finally recovering from the her use of Einherjar Mode.
  14. "Mr. Cuddles don't back down and punch your way through with Chip Away!" Joy called out knowing that Mr.Cuddles couldn't dodge the incoming attack. (or really much of anything. Mr. Cuddles uses Chip Away to try and punch his way through the attack Chip Away Power: 70 Accuracy: 100 Attack Value: 15628 +2 defense stages
  15. "Hmm..." Joy made a sound as she thought. She was hopping that the lick would throw off the Omega lady more then it did. She considered switching up tactics but getting under an opponents skin would help all of them in the long run. Besides it was a lot more fun. "Keep it up Mr. Cuddles give her another Lick she needs it." Joy said before tossing the super super potion to the Gyarados' owner. "Hey you with the Gyarados caatch." she said giving them a warning as she did. Mr. Cuddles give Omega another Lick. Lick Power: 30 Accuracy: 100 30% chance to paralyze Attack Value: 15628 +2 defense stages Joy tosses a super potion to Cathode
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