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  1. Stepping on the red tiles in the pyramid won't activate for me, furthermore when I attempt to reset positions the game freezes up no matter what I press, but I can still soft reset the game.
  2. 3 why must we gets dicked on like little mac.
  3. TIL That I'm better at selling my soul to games then checking the forums once a week.

    1. pbood2


      what does TIL mean? Do you remember me from revolution btw?

    2. Klemeltios


      TIL is Today I Learned and also yes I remember.

  4. 42 it ok bb. i made sure to put cameras all around you along with even more cameras and more cameras.
  5. 11 oh my looking back at those two pages before really messed this up.
  6. Someday, when I get a wife and kids or something, and she starts to make spaghetti, I'm going to instantly start singing Mom's Spaghetti as loud as I can so everyone around me can hear the most longest lasting joke ever to be done.

  7. 8 oh shit so much happened after a hitas of checking the forums. Uh, congrats Mde on his staff position and fuck you for ruining that short lived counting.
  8. Wooo, finally doing Rejuvenation again! Erick couldn't handle that enar ace of Contray-Leafstorm Serperior. Rip.

  9. birthdays are always fun. especially when people over react to it and you keep forgetting it's your birthday.

  10. Oh boy, finished up a four paragraph essay on a book, starting a argumentative essay that's probably also four paragraphs long, doing stuff for Latin, then beginning to do even more stuff with exams.

  11. Went to the Trending tab on Youtube for once. Never again.

    1. Swampellow


      Oh no, what terrors are there now?

    2. IdleThoughts
    3. ShadowStar


      A look though "Trending" led me to this:

  12. Site shop pls. Mercy.

    1. Kuma
    2. Klemeltios


      Oh dear god, I even forgot how to use shop items.

  13. Site shop please have mercy on me sot hat I can change my display name already.

  14. alrighty, about 600 more reborn rupees before i can get a dispaly name change.

    1. Flux


      And now 0 more. Merry belated Christmas!

    2. Klemeltios


      oh. well uh, thanks.

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