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  1. Chapter LXVII: Reborn City Delivery Service! Me: Alright, now talk. What happened to you? Falcone: If I told you, you’d kill me sooner or later. And if you didn’t, somebody else just might do that. You don’t want that, and neither do I. Me: Who would try and kill you? You’re not making any sense. Falcone: … Me: Answer me! Falcone: You really don’t wanna know, boss. Trust me. Me: Alright, fine. Can you at least tell me why you have an eye patch and a metalli
  2. Chapter LXVI: Exploration Within Reborn, and The Mystery Thickens! As I fly in the skies of Reborn on Falcone’s back, I think to myself… What is even the purpose? Why am I even here? Just to suffer? Just then, Falcone responds, like he can hear my thoughts. Falcone: Oi, you don’t think any of this is real, do you? Me: No, not really. Hard to tell what’s real anymore and what’s not. Like you for example. Why did you wait until this long to talk to me?
  3. cass is the friends we made along the way.
  4. Hello all, just a quick (okay, maybe not as quick, considering it has been a month and three days since the previous chapter was uploaded), but I feel that I should at LEAST let you all know what's going on. Yes, I kinda took an unofficial hiatus once again. Don't worry, I have a perfectly good explanation for this. As you may or may not know (Depending if I told anyone, I'm not sure), but this is currently my last year at MSU, specifically my last semester, which MEANS.... I will be graduating. "But Trevor! Didn't you already spend like, six years in col
  5. Chapter LXV: Once Upon a Somewhere… …There Was a Happily Never After! As I make my way through the double doors, I hear words echo through my mind… "History has a habit of letting little girls wander past the forest's edge, only to be swallowed up by any number of enchantments beyond. She awakens in a tower, Stone, Cold, Alone. A dragon guards her, its fangs bared to the world, Brimstone breath faithfully reserved for whatever metal-clad ignoramus thinks himself so mighty that even fire may not char his miserable fles
  6. Chapter LXIV: The Scrapyard of the Damned, and The Secrets Within! As Taka and I begin our trek into the unknown, we find ourselves in a large puzzle of trains, spanning across quite the distance. Seriously… how on earth did many of these trains crash like this? Surely one would think Reborn City had a safety commission or something to solve this problem! As we pass through some of the train interiors, I stop to look at myself at one of the train windows. Instead of the young man I thought I was, I look at my own reflection, one
  7. Chapter LXIII: Delusions and Hallucinations Within the Dark, Mirages and Whispers Within the Light! After a sudden collapse, I fall to the sandy dunes into a deep sleep. … What is happening to me? After several minutes of silence, I seem to wake up in this odd, ethereal plane. Like a void of nothingness. I try to find some solid ground, but that I cannot move. I look down with my eyes, but all I can see a body that is not my own. Instead, I see nothing but black mist in the shape of a
  8. How is this the first time I am seeing this?! (I really should be around more...) They look like they have seen shit so many times (Especially Madame X), it's awesome. They look really great, and I love it! I will admit, I am gonna miss the old black and red too for most of Xen, but it fits where it is given (like Geara, Cassandra, etc). Even the grunts look really great! Are the Death Wings going to get a similar overhaul (Like with the gray and red), or are they going to stay the same? In the end, the wait will be worth it ten times over. I will not mind the wai
  9. Now, it might look a bit choppy (I have been working in parts, very slow I know). However, I hope to fine-tune it at some point (Most likely when I get home). With that said, the show must go on!* The chapter is now fixed! (Hopefully) Chapter LXII: Exploration of Tourmaline Desert, And the Truth Of Taka’s Mysterious Ancient Family! Taking my seat on the Grandview train, the door opens, and the train speeds off to Tourmaline Desert. Titania… I hope you are okay! I need to make sure those Sapphire Bracelets are safe!
  10. Forgive my tone earlier, I did not mean to be so corny with my message (XD)! Again, I am just really glad to hear that people still have an interest in reading these. I don not know if anyone remembers, There were a few other projects like this one that I was working on, like the main games (and then some), but I had to scrap just about near all of them just for the sake of finishing this one! Shame on me for not sticking through. I think a big part of it was "how can I make this story ten times better?" I originally thought of just reworking the entire story from the ground up in honor o
  11. Holy gazooks, it has been forever, hasn't it? Never fear! For I am here! To be honest with ya, I've been quite busy trying to just get done with MSU. I WILL say that I have actually been working on a new chapter though, just in a different document so I don't lose everything. I know it might be spoilers, but I'm currently wandering around with Taka in the story. I did just about everything else I believe, but I admit, I'm currently stuck in the trainyard... And I don't really say this often, but um... Anybody got a solution? To be honest, I'm very thank
  12. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 🙂🍰

  13. Taking a trip down memory lane can be... transformative, to say the least.  Who you were back then, who you are now, as long as you stay true to yourself, then you will always remember who you are.

  14. Hooray for early Honchkrow!
  15. Just giving a heads up, but I'm still kicking! School has been beating me up, so I haven't had much time to do anything, but now that I have a better laptop, things will run much more smoothly. Before I make a new chapter, I still have to finish the current one. I haven't been exactly making them all in one go as I used to. But I'm still alive!
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