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  1. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 🙂🍰

  2. Taking a trip down memory lane can be... transformative, to say the least.  Who you were back then, who you are now, as long as you stay true to yourself, then you will always remember who you are.

  3. Hooray for early Honchkrow!
  4. Just giving a heads up, but I'm still kicking! School has been beating me up, so I haven't had much time to do anything, but now that I have a better laptop, things will run much more smoothly. Before I make a new chapter, I still have to finish the current one. I haven't been exactly making them all in one go as I used to. But I'm still alive!
  5. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 😄🍰

  6. I could sort of see that happening in the Carnelia region, perhaps somewhere hidden near Victory Road, if something like that were to happen. Instead of a lab, I always kind of pictured it would be like a PULSE Museum, one that is designed by secret members of Team Meteor (Or perhaps remnants of Team Meteor). It would have the same kind of puzzles as each of the PULSE did when we were trying to reach them, except they would all be in one, massive hideout. For example, there could be a barrier outside surrounding the place, as well as blasts from Clawitzer when trying to get close. I could
  7. Chapter LXI: Cleaning Up The Rest Of Reborn City (MRGA), Lore Abound, And The Grand Reopening Of Grandview Station! Taking up Adrienn's word, I fly over to Peridot and find that Grandview Station has officially be reopened. I talk to the trainer outside, and he wonders what the champion is like. Too soon, my friend... Too soon... I head inside, and find a construction worker from the Reborn Construction Company, who says that after completing their last task, revitalizing the Railnet, they're raring up to hire up and take on even grander designs. He says if me or anyone
  8. Chapter LX: A City Reborn, And The Dazzling, Gleaming Adrienn! I head my way to the Coral Gym, and the machine is working. Instead of Ame, I hear Victoria, who has appeared to have taken on Ame's duties, since she's dead. She doesn't know too much about Adrienn's team or fighting style, but she's heard xe fights in doubles, so I should be ready for it. She also heard a little bit about xyr gym when some of the students from Apophyll were helping rebuild it. Adrienn designed it to switch tactics in the middle of a fight. I can already see the mist in the gym, but the atm
  9. Chapter LIX: Further Down The Rabbit Hole, The Devon Corp. Conspiracy Thickens! After I'm zapped unconscious, I eventually wake up to find myself in a prison cell. However, Team Meteor was kind enough to give me my own PC and healing machine. Is there a Nurse Joy in Team Meteor? Because I'm really thankful for that. I heal my Pokemon, and give Goddard the Fairy Memory. I enter the other room, which is large, and has a big Meteor M on the floor. Yup... We're captured by Team Meteor. I head to the bars on the cage, but the door is locked behind me. Victoria comes in t
  10. Chapter LVIII: Team Reborn's First Move, The Devon Corp. Conspiracy! I teach my Pokemon some new moves, then I head over to the Obsidia Ward, where I find Ame and Adrienn already in position. They both tell me to meet up with Arclight and Victoria down in the Underground Railnet. With that said, I head down there, but not before getting TM47 Low Sweep from surfing down in the Obsidia Ward. I head down to the basement entrance of Devon Corp, and use Flash to see. I end up finding the same Absol that was following me, and walks away through walls. Absol must be high as fuck. Bu
  11. Chapter LVII: Team Reborn, Assemble! After doing a SHIT ton of sidequests, I am finally ready to get on with the story again. I head into the Grand Hall, and walk right up to Ame. Before I talk to her though, I talk to the people at the front desk. They explain their future plans for the Reborn City Restoration Project by saying they've come a long way in a short period of time. They say there is still much to do, and explain what still needs to be done. First, they are still finishing up the repairs for the Beryl Wall. Then they can finally reopen Grandview Station. After t
  12. Chapter LVI: Reliving Memories Of Stickers And Training, The Perfect Child! After setting out to find memories for Goddard, I realize that I still need stickers! I fly to Apophyll, and a girl is in need of a TV. I go and steal the community TV in the main hall, but then another girl is upset, and battles me for the TV back. I beat her, and she's forced into doing work, but I tell her I'm doing this for a girl in her dorm. It turns out that they are roomates, meaning that the TV would still go to her anyways. She then goes to where she was before, denying she saw me, and
  13. I don't even know if it's the first written Reborn playthrough out there, but what I DO know that since it is an old playthrough, things might look off or so. That's because it was around since before the site changed its look. When that happened, it seemed to compact everything together, making paragraphs and spacing seem really tedious to have to do all over again. Once I finish up with the new stuff I haven't gone through yet, I'll most likely go back and polish it so it looks like what it was before. Maybe I might make one on Hardcore once I'm done with this and Rejuv's (Which might be
  14. Chapter LV: The New And Improved Land of Reborn, Making Reborn Great Again! ...No? Sorry, just wanted to make a fun, creative title... But we are finally into the contents of Episode XVI in this story, even though I jumped from Episode XV to Episode XVII, but still! On with the story! Now I originally was going to do a chapter of tiny stuff I still needed to do BEFORE doing the story for Episode XVI, but I guess it's turning out to be much more than I thought! As I exit from the Big Top's computer room, I am overwhelmed with the flow of cheery, happier music of the
  15. PULSE-CLARICE confirmed? Could be wrong, since there's no PULSE icon, but it does give us a good contender as to what's happening in Agate. Serra looks much better, too! Although I always kept thinking that she already changed over the course of the episodes, buuuuut I realize that those are all the same. Kinda like Charlotte, Laura, and Saphira's sprites and Heather (I think)? Because of this new change, I gotta ask: Will other characters get the same treatment as we go into these last two episodes?
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