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Side Quest Guide

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Okay Guys Its that time again Hypa writing an slightly sarcastic guide on what to do when you have forgotten where you are going or what you are doing. Goodluck and have fun If you have any suggestions for more guides for me to write ide be more than happy to oblige.

Gearen City:

Okay this section is dedicated to all side quests you start in Gearen City

First Quest: Protecting the City From The Local Gang.

Okay so guys this quest becomes available after completing the rock smash event. All you need to do to start this quest is talk to the inner city "gangs" leader Karrina.


After you have spoken to her you go through route 2 and into amethyst cave. Once your in Amethyst cave you are going to need to head north near the waterfall after a while you should end up in a place like this (unless Jan Changes Amethyst Caves Layout again Sorry if thats the case this screenie will be pretty confusing)


Now the Boss Fight pretty easy if you waited till after the 2nd gym to do this quest but i didnt i went to do this quest right away because i wanted houndoom for my team oops spoiler alert(he is the reward). Anyways these are the 3 pokemon you can expect to fight.




Okay so once we defeated this "boss" we get a nice victory speach from both of the leaders of each respective gang. He was a bit of a pushover so yeah cant have had too much difficulty taking him down.


Anyways Thats the main part of this Quest done now all you gotta do is go get your reward (<3 One of My fav Pokes ever(no that wasnt sarcasm)) okay so we head back to Gearen again and head into Karrina's base and talk to her again and bingo! we have one Dark/fire type


Gearen City Help Quests:

All the quests from the Gearen City help quest center

Quest One: Save Starly!

"My Starly was snatched from right under me! They're gonna take my sweet precious!, Please help me!"

Rewards: 350$

"Ill be waiting inside Gearen Laboratory.Please meet me there!"

Okay guys now we have to meet her where we got our starter she will be beside the nurses station


Okay Now We need to go to the pier where you were originally dropped off in the game to find the grunts that took her Starly :'(


Okay So we Have to Fight a grunt no big deal

Head back to the woman at the pokemon center and your done :P!

Now all you have to do is go and collect your reward back at the Help Center! yay! 1 quest from the help center down 5 to go :3

Oh just incase you didnt know where to collect your reward this lady is awesome for you


Help Center

Quest No.2: Missing Mother

"Hello this is Sasha, daughter of the owner of "petal salon" Recently my mother left for a private haircut appointment,but she hasn't returned since. Please I'm asking from the bottom of my heart. Please find her."

Reward: 500$, Free haircut.

"Please come speak with me at "Petal Salon" for more info."

Okay head into East Gearen and you will see a shop with a huge Petil on the front of it go in there and you will find the daughter


Okay Now we need to head to Aqua apartments it is located in the south east of east gearen we go up to the 4th apartment and we will find a woman in her apartment she will tell you she hasnt seen the hairdresser


Head back to the Hairdressers again she will talk about the other appointments she will tell you to go to the velvet apartments 3C. The velvet apartments are in West Gearen they are on the left as you exit the laboratory


Okay 3rd appartment this time she will say Rosa was running late for a different appointment but when she asked where she wasnt told and that she was in an awefull hurry. Now we Head back to the salon in East Gearen.


Okay Violet Apartments this time. Its slightly south of the mad guys teleporter thingy. again 3rd apartment okay this time the guy says she cut his hair she got dissmissed early and looked happy about it. She was talking to someone infront of the building so ask her for intel


Okay so we go to her and we get the intel we needed we are heading to the pier! But NOT YET! first you need to head back to the salon and talk to the daughter then head to the oceania pier where u will find the daughter with her lillagant


then i wont spoiler the rest but its pretty good :3 you can go back to the help center to recieve your reward


Help Center

Quest No.3: Hidden Library

"Legend has it that a secret library exists somewhere beneath Gearen. I need someone to help me find out where it is located!"

Reward: Great Balls(5)

"I will be inside the Gearen Laboratory. Meet me there for more info."

Okay guys back to the place we got our starter and we are talking to the guy by the bookcase :P


Now there are 3 people we need to talk to

Woman in the leaflet park


Receptionist at Chrisola Hotel(Game Center)


Leader Of The Local Gang Karrina(The girl we got our tm rock smash from)


After speaking to those people we need to go to the lab again and talk to the lil guy :P

Help Center

Quest No.4:Love Letter

"I have a love letter for someone, It's very important and I can't do it myself. Would you please deliver it for me?" Reward Great Balls(5)

"Meet me in front of the Leaflet Park in Gearen City for more info!"

Okay so we gotta meet this person at the Leaflet Park


Okay so now we have the Letter now all we have to do is find the prospective recipient in front of the shops in East Gearen


Now we have to go back to the first person in the park to tell them Cameron is up for it (giggity) okay side note talk to the woman that is there on behalf of the guy who took out the request (this whole help quest thingy reminds me of the Okami-San and her 7 companions anime)

Help Center

Quest No.5:Dangerous Pokemon!

"I was on Oceana Pier waiting for the S.S. Oceana to appear, but something attacked me! I don't know what it was, but it's a problem.Please take care of it!" Reward:Super Potion $350

Okay guys now we have to go to the pier where the talon flame took us when we first arrived in Rejuvenation.


Okay guys its a set of Lv 13 growlithe easy enough to kill them the arcanine might be a bit troublesome varying on how soon you are doing these quests as it is lv22 But we get a growlithe <3 <3 <3 sorry people should know i love this pokemon it's soo cute <3

Help Center

Quest No.6: Battle Me!!

"I'm looking for a strong trainer to battle me! I want to see how good I am!" Reward: ???

"Meet me in the battle room located in the Chrisola Hotel!"

We are going to the room where we faught the woman for rocksmash


She has A Lv 12 Helioptile ,lv15 Eevee, Lv13 Vivillon,Lv14 Vulpix,Lv13 Poochyena, Lv13 Hawlucha

Not a terribly hard battle for over leveled poke's but at the start you could struggle as she is probably the first 6 poke battle you have seen

Your real Reward Is $600 and Litleo

You MUST collect your reward before starting a new quest idk why but meh deal with it

Okay Next Gearen Quest: Making Deliveries

we find this guy in the aqua apartments at the very top, the aqua apartments are the very first building next to the help center once we head to the top we see this blue haired guy.


"We got shipments for the last night....But I'll have to get the rest in the f- wha-? Hey what the hell are you doing in here?...Actually you came at the most opportune moment. See, I'm supposed to be tr- buying stuff from this gal ... She's supposed to meet me on the most southern part of town, but I got my work cut out for me here. Do you mind if you go, and get the shipment for me? You will? Thanks! She usually hangs out by the poisonous water on the southernmost part of town. What do you mean you didn't get a chance to respond? Listening to me without leaving means yes, sure, ok ! Now hurry up!"


Now we need to head to the south east part of East Gearen in the corner where we find a supplier! and she gives us the mystery good! now we need to go back to the blue haired guy in the aqua apartments he will tell us we need to head to sheridan to deliver his package (giggity) its the first building on the right as you exit Amethyst cave.


And now back to the blue haired guy to recieve our prize 1 Nugget you feel kinda ripped off too right ?xD

Sheridan Village:

Okay guys this section is exclusively for quests starting in Sheridan Village. So if i haven't included any that may go through here please understand they will be covered at some point in the future.

Missing Boyfriend Quest:(includes Ditto locations)

Okay guys as soon as you enter sheridan village this quest is available from the house directly on the left as you enter. when you enter the woman directly infront of you will ask you to find her boyfriend and says he is near a waterfall(which is isn't sorry jan)


Okay So we found him! easy peasy am i right well now we can either cheat and just directly talk to him(something jan should consider fixing(sorry if he has done if future and you are reading this and thinking what is he talking about lol))or if you want to catch a lunatone interact with it to battle it, its lv 15 so shouldn't be a big problem for anyone.


Now we need to go back to the first house on the left of sheridan village and talk to the guy we rescued again. He will offer us a Ditto for our efforts OMG right yeah like jan would make it that easy, it turns into a jirachi runs away and now we have to play catch with it, There are 7 locations after the one at the house ill go through em now if you don't wanna get the Ditto right now skip ahead to the sheridon village help quests


Okay Location Number 1: Route 3

so we head west outta sheridan village hey presto we have our first location gorgeous lil ditto dont you love me ? why must i chase you.(i feel like the skunk in looney tunes sorry to all the people who are too young to get that reference)


Location Number 2 :Corta Forest

We need to do the ancient wing for the kingdra statue its found near the old woman in the purification forest thingy all you have to do is step on it and you pick it up. anyways your gonna battle a lv 46 kingdra (i think sorry i did this earlier in the playthrough to get the itemfinder). anyways once thats done you go as far up as possible but don't enter any of the buildings then head right and you should be able to see our cutie Ditto again.



Location Number 3:Route 2

Okay As you exit Amethyst cave use cut on the tree on your left near the breeder and you cant miss my darling ditto


Location Number 4: Goldenleaf Town

Okay Hard to miss this one what you need to do is come from route 3 to Goldenleaf and you will see it on the Girantia Statue on its head :)


Location Number 5: Route 4

Okay exit Goldenleaf town onto route 4 and go about half way up to akuwa town and you cant miss it :3


Location Number 6: Akuwa town

Head out to Akuwa town and what you wanna do is find your way up to the excavation companys main building where you will find our adorable lil ditto <3


Location Number 7:Terujuma Shore

Okay as soon as you take the boat to Terujuma Shore Ditto will be waiting for you there poor lil guy got washed ashore it is wet and cold and just wants someone to be nice to it, but it puts up a fight and its rather difficult to catch atleast in my experience with it.


Side Note: If you read my Children guide the Ditto event is not the same you cant take those locations in any order you must do them in the order i gave above (sorry for the shameless self promotion lol)

April Quest

Okay this quest is found in amethyst cave after your 5th badge although wont be completable till after you have obtained rock climb(needs clarification when the event becomes available.

Requirements: Surf, Rock Climb, 7 badges

Okay guys lets get started first enter from sheridan village head down till you get beside the waterfall you will see a mysterious girl


Now follow the river around the map eventually we will get to a massive door with our new friend April.


She tells us we need to investage more of the cave now this is where i want you to think as if you are entering amethyst cave from route 2 and head east on the exit till you come to the following rock climb spot.


Now we head down the ladder and heey presto we find our super vital item to open up that epic looking door :3


Now go back to that door and meet your future waifu april again :P(at this point during the guide after screenshotting the item i forgot to take it and had to make my way back lol:P) and she gives us a few extra bits and we got a phase dial like you and april the two pieces each of us had were made for eachother <3 XD enough of the mushy stuff we enter and we find lunatone and solrock


AND THEY DANCE! WE DANCE! WE ARENT HUMAN WE ARE DANCER! (human by the killers reference)


okay now we face a pretty rad mash up of monsters :3


Sheridan Village Help Center Quests

Okay here we will have all the Quests In the Sheridan Village Help Center :P

Quest No.1: Hidden Library

"I finally think I've got a lead on the Hidden Library! this is the final stretch!." Reward: 550$, Water Stone,Good Rod

"Please Meet me at the highest point in Sheridan village!."


Okay there are three locations he said it could be

1.Under The Chrisola Hotel


Okay now it seems like we have help with this quest of ours, now we meet her at jenkel's factory in west Gearen (loved their dialog)

2.Under Dr Jenkel's Factory


3.Under the largest fountain in Gearen


Okay guys now you neeed to head the most north you can go in the secret library thats where it all happens. Make sure to pick up the good rod b4 you leave its i n the north most room :P after your done that talk to the statues for some nice dialog and exit back to the lil guy in sheridan, personally i chose to keep the book but that was just me.

Quest No.2:Stolen Cargo

"Some Thug just stole our cargo and they are trying to escape! Please chase em down!" Reward: 800$,Gourmet Treats

I heard they are going to the catch a ship at the oceana pier

Okay guys so we need to meet em at Oceana peir near the south east warehouse thing

Venam Is such a bae in this quest i swear Waifu material maybe

Anyways battle the grunts in there they have 2 electrodes a pidgeotto and a seadra then head back to the Help Center and collect your rewards

Okay as if your going to head east out of sheridan village all you need to do is go up a lil and you will find him


Okay now we need to head to Gearen Harbor South East corner they are there

Now he gives up and he will battle you he only has a lv 22 smeargle really easy battle to be honest with you and when your done you get returned to the help center so thats nice thnx jan :P

Quest No.3:Cute Pokemon

"I saw a Pokemon on Route 2 that I really want, but I can't seem to track it down! Could you please find it for me?" Reward:A rare pokemon in return,550$

"I will be at the waterfall in Sheridan for more info"

Okay guys here she is she is looking for an aipom


We need to go to route 2 and head to the south east corner where we will find a mass of Aipom near a tree


In Return We Get a Pandacham ... its not terrible but i wouldn't write home about it and getting the reward we receive a rare candy

Quest No.4:Get an Item!

"There is a kecleon vendor that has an extremely rare item.Just get me that item and everything will be great." Reward:850$

okay guys we need to go to the kecleon vendor at Route 2 and he has 2 items sitting on the rug one gets taken by the grunt and she gets killed so all that is left is the other one we take it. Now I chose to pay for the item because i was pretty late on in the game when i did this quest and had alot of spare cash if you chose to steal it you will have to battle Kecleons which is a royal pain because for this point in the game they are on a par with your mons

-missing screenie sorry guys ill get it asap-

Quest No.5 Battle Me Again?

"Im looking for a strong trainer to battle me! I wan't to see how good I am!" Reward:???

Okay so we head near the waterfall where the trade girl was pretty basic


she has a lv 22 Helioptile,Lv 22 Vivillon,lv23 Vulpix, Lv 24 Jolteon, Lv 23 Mightyena, Lv 23 Hawlucha

The Reward is 1600$ and a Spearow

Kakori Village

This section will cover all the quests starting in Kakori Village If I missed something i should include i may include it later on a different part but if you think ive missed something that should be here let me know.

Help Center

Quest No.1: Clear the way!

"So sick of these vines blocking the main path! Help me clear the way!" Rewards 1750$,???

"I'll be in front of the vines in Terajuma Jungle!"

Okay Guys we go south straight outta Kakori Village to meet the mountaineer type guy and he will tell us he needs to collect 7 of some sorta indestructible black shard thingies.


These can be done in any order these are just the ones i found as i took an inverted helix around the map where they are

Shard No.1

Okay head directly directly west to the side terajuma jungle the very first black shard will be visible as soon as you exit.


Shard No.2

From Shard No.1 head north and follow the path around and you will find shard No.2 directly infront of you.


Shard No.3

From Shard No.2 head south and keep going south head under the bridge(make sure you have some of the awakening powder stuff and wake up the pokemon in the ground who's name has forsaken me at this moment. head uder there untill you reach the water you are going to want to surf as far south as you can and eventually you will get to a tall grass area your entrance to the lower area is in the bottom left hand corner if you are stuck that fooled me for a bit when i first did it.


Shard No.4

From Shard No.3 surf north slightly you should see a path on your right hand side that directly leads you to another shard thingy


Shard No.5

Head back the way you came this time going over the bridge then head south and over another bridge that heads west then south again for a bit then go all the way to the east till you enter the same map as the tropius that completely ignores you, in the south east corner you will find shard no 5


Shard No.6

Head North out of the tropius map and we are surfing again this time slightly north where we will see a boat the next black shard is directly above it


Shard No.7

Okay Last one and probably the furthest one in we follow the water path around the map till we get to the waterfall then the last black shard should be visible :3


Now that we have all 7 shards we can head back to the mountaineer guy he will now cut a path in the vines so we no longer have to go through that maze of west Terujama jungle.

Help Center

Quest No.2: Tropius...

"There's this Tropius that's been standing around all melancholy. It's beginning to concern us." Reward 1500$,Rare Candy

"We are inside Terajuma Jungle. You can't miss the treehouses!"

Okay Guys im warning you now you will need to leave space in your party for an Egg

Okay so we head down to where the tropius is again we talk to the ranger girl and suddenly a meteor grunt reveals he stole some of the tropius' eggs so yeah theres why its melancholy


we have to head back into Kakori Village then take the north path till we get to the house near the swimmer and then we go into the house this part would be super annoying if i wasnt showing you where he was hiding each time

okay first floor


2nd floor


4th floor


Okay Now that, that is over we can get to battling this Meteor grunt First Up Crobat Lv 43 next Lv 46 Beedrill then a lv 43 Bayleaf and done :3

some of my favorite dialog after this battle just sit back and enjoy lol.....

Now she has left us the egg hurrah!!! :3 (now you know why it was important for you to leave a space like i told you hence the caps and underline)

and once we exit the house the tropius greets us and lets us keep the egg woo! tropius egg <3 anyways back to the Help Center!

Help Center

Quest No.3: Building Bridges

"I feel like building bridges can help people get through the jungle easier. Help wanted!" Reward: 2500$,???

"I'll be in the western part of the Jungle with my Timburr!"

Okay guys this quest for me was THE most annoying quest of all time anyways on with the show be prepared this quest is super annoying.

Okay guys from before when i told you to go under the bridge and awaken the vilepume, this is where you will find the mountaineer guy again!


Okay Guys we need to first find the gurdur well its back to the same map the tropius is on, in the south eastern place where we found that black shard


After talking to fatty we need to head back north to where we seen all the timburr's and we need to talk to their leader beware this is the difficult part seriously DON'T TAKE THIS FIGHT LIGHTLY it starts off pretty easy but be warned it gets a lot more difficult.


Okay So you are done well next we get the first introduction of the antihelp team.But for now we need to go back to where the guy was building a bridge something big is about to happen but im not gonna spoil it :0, the bridge opens up a whole new area which is great :3

Head back to the Help center the ??? reward in this occasion is a sun stone :3

Help Center

Quest No.4: Find It..

"I lost my dear old Roggenrola out in Terajuma Jungle. Can someone please find it?" Reward: 2350$,Full Heal

"It doesn't like water so you won't be able to surf with it."

Okay guys another semi annoying quest

we are going to the Tropius map again, you know the way by now so this is gonna be fun :3 head north of the Tropius map and you will find the lil Roggenrola and now the anti help people come again


You will need to take it the long way around back to the Pokecenter in kakori so head back into the tropius map then take the long way around you will face lots of anti help goons along the way fortunately you can avoid some of them, But you MUST go to the pokecenter and give em back their poke or you cant complete the quest but before you give it back i suggest you heal your poke's your gonna need it for the suprise battle.


No Reward was actually left the rewards lady takes pitty on you and gives you 500$

Help Center

Quest No.5:Battle Me Once More

"I'm looking for a battle yet again! Please help!" Reward: ???

"I'll be in Kakori Village! Don't make me wait too long" (lol guys she is eager ;))

Okay guys she is near the pokecenter so heal up and prepare for battle.


she has Heliolisk Lv 44 Drapion lv 46, Hawlucha Lv 46, Vivillon Lv 45, Jolteon Lv 46, Ninetails lv 47,

Reward 4500$, 10 max repels,10 reverse candies,Super Potions

Head back to the Help center but heal first you got some battles coming up :3 provided you done all the help quests

You get told you are going to be given a super rare pokemon but then the anti assist team goes and steals it yeah that weird door was their hidey hole.... anyways we better go get our poke

okay go through the lil door in the Help Center now it is VITAL you go to the west wing of the base and collect this item or we wont be able to do some future quests seriously take the item.


Now head north after a pretty simple battle, you find your super rare Pokemon Magnemite.

Kristiline Town

This section will cover all the quests starting in Kristiline Town, If I missed something I should include I may include it later on a different part but if you think I've missed something that should be here let me know.

Since people were asking this a bit on forum! Here is where you go to unlock the Help Center. from the keys i told you about in the last part of Kakori Village help quests.


Help Center

Quest No.1:Disturbance

"Ever since Angie was taken out, I feel a disturbance coming from the church..."Reward: 5750$,???

"Go check out the church!"

Okay So very simple one Team Anti Assist are at it again this time they are trying to free angie so what we have to do is go back to where angie was frozen


Initially we are in for a double battle we have to remember this is angies feild Raichu and Magneton are first out then weavile and magnezone

then back to the help center and that was a nice easy 1st helpquest

The ??? reward was a revival herb

Help Center

Quest No.2: Quiz!

"Come someone please take my quiz? I really need to see if it's good or not!" Reward 3500$

"I live in Teila Town. Please hurry!"

Okay so we are going to Teila Town again. Where we meet this lil kid now on with the questions and answers


"How many houses are present in Kakori Village?"


"Which emotion can Valor Mountain feel?"


"How many help requests are there in Kakori Village?"


Now Something weird happens and the quiz is finished head back to the help center

Help Center

Quest No.3: Defend Me!

"I was taking a stroll in Jirukala Cavern, and some guys in white clothing showed up! Please help! I don't want to die!" Reward: Mystic Water, 3500$

okay guys we are going to Jirukala Cavern, you need another pokemon with surf and surf across the part just before you go the the Jirukala Scape thingy

and there we will find the start of team Anti Assits plans again....



and Another battle with the dastardly duo. Lapras and Carbink to start this time, Next one is Gyarados and Gigalith

anyways after that talk with the woman and return to the help center.

Help Center

Quest No.4:Research

"y0. There is resurch 2 b done doe. Help? Can someone please go out and find it?" Reward: ???

DrJenkel:"sooprise. Ok so like, you answered my request which means like- we're the best of friends now,right? RIGHT? Ok cool, so lemme tell u wassup. I've been getting a lotta strange readings on Terajuma Island, and I asked around n stuff. A lot of weird people b showin' up u feel. Around the island. I've heard of at least 7 cases. We need to find these people and interview them for reals. I don't know what they're planning, but it's a big kakuna that's what I'm saying. So lets get to it! 7 peoples! Find them! All around the island! Presumably in human settlements!"

Yeah sorry for the long dialog but i thought it was necessary (trust me it was a pain to write) but here is the deal im sure you have seen a few of them already they are the people who only respond with "..." anyways here is Hypa to help you find all 7

No.1:Kristiline Town

Head up and straight across the bridge to find a house there will be an old lady who responds with "..."


No.2:Kristiline Town

Head as if you are gonna exit but before you do the last house you see before you go will contain the 2nd of the creepy people


No.3 Teila Town

Okay Head into Teila town but before you exit the Mountainous reigon all you have to do is head up and go into the house and you will find no.3


No.4:Teila Town

Okay guys we are heading to the beach wooooooo! nah all things set aside head down the beach as far as you can then head west


No.5:Terajuma Jungle

Okay Tropius map again go into the tree houses where you will meet this guy :0


No.6&7:Kakori Village

Okay its the very last house up north in Kakori before heading to route 6 YOU MUST DO ALL OTHERS BEFORE DOING THESE ONES!!

Then exit the house and expect a surprise!


Then When you get rescued talk to Dr Jenkel back at the help center to complete the quest! that unlocks the "???" quest

The Reward was an upgrade and a notification about the secret in narcissa's gym (pm me if you wanna know what it is)

Help Center

Quest No.5:???

"Yo. It's DR.Jenkel again, brotha. Stuff is goin down at the deep crater! HELP!!!" Reward:???

Okay most common question is where is the deep creater pretty simple its in the south east of Kristiline Town it was previously frozen out by Angie so you couldn't access it.


Now we need to head into the house! now a warning the quest can bug at this point some people have complained about it in the forum so i suggest saving before you enter the house to ensure you can go back and keep trying to see if it bugs repeatedly.

Okay guys now we need to dismantle some machines.....





Okay now we did the first trampoline now we need to make another there are pathways one either side of the map each side is defended by an Anti Assist member controlled by an Inkay





Okay now heading north we are about to fight a bunch of inkay starting at lv 46 all the way up to lv82


After they are defeated we finally find that much needed move relearner :)


And the reward!! one Inkay! now remember boys and girls and people of other gender identities you need to mash the x key when your inkay starts to evolve or it wont evolve :P

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West Gearen City

This section will cover all the side quests that start from west gearen this doesn't include quests that make their way through west gearen just be noted on that >.<

Help Center

Quest No.1: Generator Problems

"GABRIEL: Hello? My name is Gabriel. I am in dire need of a compotent trainer to take care of a recent phenomenon that can mean the end of west gearen if not taken care of. There is not much i can say besides that. Accept and i shall give more details." Rewards $3500, access to the generator

GABRIEL: I'll be waiting outside the Power Plant. Please do not take long.

Okay guys here we go again on our adventure for v7 help quests for those of you unsure where the power plant is its the gym were we fought eric (or about to fight eric if you havent done so already)


Okay we get a lil flashback which shows a pokemon i dont recognise presuming its a fakemon or a newly released one(sorry guys im way behind) anyways head into the plant again to meet up with gabriel again.


So a bunch of rotom seem to be causing havoc we will go West from here and you have to sneek past the rotoms to get to the ladder.


After you get down the ladder i recommend that you save because if you get caught by the next set of rotom you will get sent back to the very start and hitting f 12 is alot easier that doing it again lol :3

At this point i headed north and continued to head north its very important to study the movepatterns of the rotom or you will have a sh1t time of this it can be a real pain in the ass

you continue heading north and you will find dufaux again you will be expecting to fight him but out of nowhere narcissa the absolute bae steps in but things go horribly wrong and narcissa is turned into a child! >.<


(This was the most difficult puzzle i suggest saving at stages because the rotom at the bottom right rarely moves and you need each on either side to look away before you cross)

anyways ater all that your finished up here help quest no.1 down

Help Center

Quest No. 2: House Sit!

"ERINA: I have to go out of town for a few hours and need someone to house sit Saki Blakeory's house. Thats simple right? I have alot of money. So that is not an issue."

Reward: 999,999,999$, ???

ERINA: I will be waiting outside saki blakeory's house. It's located near the Power Plant


Okay so we find her here saki's house its fricking huge ! anyways we will have a chat she leaves u a list of instructions on the desk!

anyways after we do all the things on the list we hear a noise from up stairs we go upstairs to find some grunts trying to raid the place!


Okay we Battle them in a double battle


Lv 56 Heliolisk

Lv 56 Vileplume

Lv 57 Raichu

Lv 57 Flygon

Lv 59 Electabuzz

Lv 57 Skuntank

I used Rhydon to help me out here lightning rod helps deflect all of the electric attacks so all you gotta do is worry about the other pokemon in the team!

anyways now the security system kicks in! okay this part is kinda annoying the robot has us do all the silly tasks again once we are done doing that what we need to do is head up stairs okay if your confused where she is keep heading East and you will find the team anti assist member again at a desk


(Anyone else notice the 3 pillows ? threesomes must be rife there)

We are looking for the help manual so here it is ! her weakness is the off switch on the back of her neck! sadly we get pushed out a window and miraculously we dont get splatted like she says


I feel bad about helping an antiassist member but here goes nothing


Once she gets turned off the house keeper comes back and takes the reward down to 5,500$ because of all the vandilism so thats us done i guess >.< But JAN YOU FORGOT TO GIVE US THE ??? REWARD!

Help Center

Quest No.3:Hidden Library 3

"KAREN:If your name isn't Hypa stop reading this! I think i may have discovered something super cool at the hidden library! Y-You remember that, right?! the place we discovered together?! Oh how time flies~ momma told me that time was an illusion. So i hit her in the head with an hourglass and i asked if her pain was an illusion. Momma didn't like that. Anyways! Meet me in the farthest room located in the hidden library. We can talk more there!"

Reward: My Presence

Okay guys if you dont remember we need to go to the foutain in the eastern side of east gearen


We find her in the farthest north room and talk to her we go towards the left hand statue then a new karrina appears and tells us the b1tch we are helping killed her parents! now i feel bad about helping her.


Anyways what we gotta do now is talk to karrina and she tells us to meet her in the most southernly room so head back we need to jump down onto a bookcase then walk down then walk over the bookcases into this room


She shows us some secret stairs which is epic as fck then we follow her to some sorta wall presumably blocking sommething off from us well unkown come outta nowhere and open up that wall for us


We get transported back in time with some awesome nostalgia graphics


we go to this girls house we talk for a bit and her brother comes in and asks us to help fight team trappus? anyways go outta the house and meet up with him where karen has been put due to her bad behavior lols


we meet the sister and well she gets kidnapped on our watch we suck dont we ! nah let save her ass head south and fight the nearest grunt okay these are a lil weird im not sure how these battles work but im sre you guys will get the hang of it unlike me who just guesses his moves on what he says beforehand

You cant hit me ---> precise attack

Ill give you the ol one two ---> precise attack

my defenses are immaculate --> precise attack

no holding back---> defend

i shall do perfect damage --> precise attack

No Fighting--> precise attack

AHHH ---> defend

This is my special attack ---> special attak ( you both take damage but ur not the only one but okay)

i got mad skills -->precise

giving it my all--> fierce

This is for you alice --> precise

Couldnt hit the side of a barn --> precise

Take This --> defend

anyways thats what i gathered but i was pretty bad at it hope this helps some of you guys out. follow the path around we will get alice back then go back to her home! where we find karrina and karen waiting for us she then tells us the exit is in the north east cave ! woo that helps i guess

An old kubuto puzzle yay! nostalgia factor is epic i swear i love it

okay now we need to go clear out the top room before karen gets out so head back up to the top room again with karrina. she then offers you 1 of 2 mega stones in her right hand there is a Heracronite, in the left Bannettite


Thats us done that quest! hurrah!

since there was no reward left at the help center for us the rewards lady there gives us her number! jk she gives us 4000$ then if like me this was the last quest you had to do because you finished all the help quests you get a magical eevee! :3

Hypa Away! -Zooms off like a superhero to have some cake and take a deserved rest-

P.S If you think I'm doing too many Screenshots lemme know i just didnt want to miss out too much :3 anyways have fun guys

P.P.S if you found this guide updated before 7/02/16 your evil and werent supposed to find it

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the idea is to get around to doing them all but im taking my time because im enjoying the playthrough of the save file i specifically made for this guide weird i know but still ill have Hopefully all the gearen help quests done the next couple of days

Alright, cool! You should separate them in different parts then with spoilers, so it won't get cluttered. Maybe you should delete my comment though so you can reserve the second post for more space and less clutteredness... Since I think there's an image limit. But yeah, looking forward to more!

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But really, nice guide you gonna do.

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Okay guys thats all the Gearen Quests Done( I think i'll maybe include one more(not sure if it counts as Gearen or not) ) im considering doing 1 topic per location but i can try fit em all in one if you guys would prefer that :3

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I don't mind what you do, but if you do make separate threads, you should link the second one to this one.

Also, these are minor quests that are pretty simple, but there's also helping the Old Man in the Goldenwood Forest Station find his daughter on the tree and helping that Man in Aqua Apartments get a delivery.

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the really sad thing i just realised Gearen City got an update and its possible that some of the things i posted may have moved x.x

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Yay, just Kristiline left!

If you want, perhaps you could use spoilers? Idk.

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DONE!!!! okay guys the guide content is done ill put in the spoilers now

Edit All Spoilers are done ! hurrah i guess this is done till Version 6 :3 anyways guys

Hypa Away! -Zooms Off like a superhero to have some cake and a well deserved rest-

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i need help i think its a bug in Kakori village side quest, I did the Battle Me Again quest. I completed it but it showed up as uncomplete so when i went to do it again i couldnt battle her twice. it just says claim your reward at the front. Im on 5.5

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Well bumping this because of the impending doom of V6 this guide will be going back to a work in progress for future reference as i do not know how many new quests (if any) have been introduced. Any changes to the quests already given will be implemented shortly after its release stay tuned peoples :0

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I will say that there are new requests...so be prepared.

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I will say that there are new requests...so be prepared.

And the requests is well, good luck.

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i had a chat with jan today about it apparently some(most) of this guide will be getting a massive refurbish so as of V6 most of this guide will be defunct

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i had a chat with jan today about it apparently some(most) of this guide will be getting a massive refurbish so as of V6 most of this guide will be defunct

I know the feel. Same with my item guide :(

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on a side not do you have the pickup tables for rejuve outta interest

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on a side not do you have the pickup tables for rejuve outta interest

No i don't. However, i think it's based on either black and white 2 or ORAS pickup table.

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okay guys there is a start made 2 quests down in gearen but these quests are considerably longer than i expected so its gonna take longer than i thought

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So if this is the sidequest forum, Any one know where to find the thing for the amethyst quest to open the door

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So if this is the sidequest forum, Any one know where to find the thing for the amethyst quest to open the door

If you mean the April sidequest, you need to go to where the Galvantula web is blocking a path. To the right should be a cliff you can use Rock Climb on and get past the web. It's in the next room.

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the hidden library 2 quest

what happens when you dont give the ancient book.

do u need the book later in the game, or do you just give it to get the blue berry ice cream

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You probably will the need the book later, but you can give it to him as there is another place where you can get the Book again, which is in the Sherdian Wetlands.

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