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  1. drampa for dragon type and mudsdale for stead
  2. okay, i trained my gengar to level 50, but i din't have to use destiny bond my golurk outspeed incenraor and survived a darkest laritat thanks anyway for the advice
  3. i'm doing a ghost mono run and i loose the fight agains victoria before kiki because of incinaroar.... he outspeed all except drifblim and gengar, but his darkets laritat ohko everything... any tips my team Deciduye - 38 - jolly sucker punch razor leaf spirit shackle pluck golett - 42 - adamant stomp tantrum mecha punch rock smach dynamic punch drifblim - 38 - bashful minimize omnious wind gust charche beam jellicent - 40 - milld brine recover omnious wind rain dance Pumpkaboo - 37 - mild leech seed trick-or-treat bullet seed shadow sneak Gengar - 43 - gentle hgypnosis shadow ball dream eater confuse ray in pc: duskull cofagrius shedinja banette and sandygast
  4. i hope you show all the quests/event pokemon that are available at the point you're at? or will u skip most of the sidequests?
  5. my game crashes when i pick up the ducklet egg... also when i want to collect my reward in kakori village after the bulbasaur quest
  6. mach punch will ohko both pokemon. that's the end of the run. i'm curious how you will do it
  7. can i get i shiny female cutiefly with sticky web as egg move Game.rxdata
  8. can someone give me a shiny l1 Alola vulpix Game.rxdata
  9. hey, how can u get Alolan pokemon from the mod? or is it not possible to get them
  10. is there a way to get instant eggs, like the instant hatch ball
  11. can u make the nature guy so we can choose the nature, in stead of restarting untill the wanted nature?
  12. is this something you best play before starting v10, or after completing v10 i mean to understand the characters and there desisions and stuff
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