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  1. Hi I created a poll to see what are people's favorite characters in Pokemon Reborn the link to the poll is down below, and for other just comment your favorites. 



  2. I've found a couple of Megastones, can someone please inform me if they've found any others. Here are the ones I've found. Steelixite: You have to fund the Railnet Reconstruction Crew it will be found in the Devon building in the Obsidia Ward. Ampharosite: You need to completely fund a project in Grand Hall, it's found in the basement. Gardevoirite: Finish the puzzle for the Agate city Sidequest in old Devon building watch this video for help https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I65_wNegd-w. Manecite: Find it in a room in the back after returning to the house in Agate City for sidequest above. Sablenite, Altarianite, Sablenite: All available in Glassworkstation in Route 4. Aerodactlylite: Found on Route 2, Rock Climb is needed. Absolite: Fund all of the projects in Grand Hall. Loppunite: Found in basement of Grand Hall, interact with computer in the northmost room. Aggronite: Talk to one the NPCs under Grand Hall and activate a quest that involves you going into the Byxbyxsion Wasteland, and enter the Railnet where you'll beat up a bunch of Arons, Lairons, and Aggrons, after beating them up you'll get the Aggronite. (Strategy for beating them: They'll try to use Earthquake and Bulldoze, and wearing Custap Berry's and Telluric Seeds, so a strategy is to give them a taste of their own medicine as after two Earthquakes or Bulldozes they'll field will collapse, you can also use a pokemon with a priority move for the Arons, and Lairons, and use Surf for the Aggrons)
  3. Does anyone want to trade a honedge for a speed boost torchic.

    1. Starry Knight
    2. Node15


      Tried a lot of strategies for beating Adrienn all failed, feel like an Aegislash would help. Can't get it though until beating Adrienn's gym so I'm asking for someone to trade me one.


    3. Starry Knight

      Starry Knight

      Was just making sure it was for Reborn. Idk if rejuvenation has trading or not so was making sure

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