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  1. i wasted like 4 revives/cotton candy's aganist Aster and Eclipse

  2. oh god dammit the Absol is back

    someones gonna die

  3. dude screw Samson


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    2. cordialgargoyle


      Thank you Both! I actually had no idea that Hawlucha showed up at Route 2...I Hadn't encountered one before anyway.

      I was able to get rid of the Conkledur. I Had my Golem w/ Sturdy learn Nature Power and because of The Big Top Areana that turned  into Acrobatics at full power :3

    3. doombotmecha


      ooh, Nature Power has to be one of my favorite TMs in the game, and it showing up on Camerupt and Golem and no other non-grass types is really funny IMO. Congrats, and have "fun" fighting the next gym!

    4. SilverAngelus


      @doombotmecha There are other non-grass types that can learn Nature Power such as Typhlosion or Aurorus

      cordialgargoyle, good luck and have fun playing the rest of Reborn~

  4. Is there an option where I can flip Fern off?

    Insult him?


    1. fellowry


      We all wish we could do that

  5. why is Noel's Cinccino so Op?

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    2. doombotmecha


      Congrats! How'd you get past it?

    3. cordialgargoyle


      I gave my Exploud a Lax Incense and spammed Hyper Voice 

    4. doombotmecha


      Now that's what I'm talking about! BTW Swellow can do a similar trick with Boomburst (egg move from Noivern) and is a fair bit faster, so later in the game it might be a useful upgrade. Exploud and sound moves in general have always been some of my favorites, glad to see you putting them to good use!

  6. I need help choosing between my Drapion and Swalot. I've just completed Aya's Gym and was wondering which one was better to keep on my active team layout. Swalot Lv 43 Ability: Liquid Ooze Nature : Hardy Moves; Toxic,Sludge Bomb,Slam, and Strength Drapion Lv 41 Ability: Sniper Nature: Hardy Moves: Venoshock,Struggle Bug,Toxic Spikes,and Strength Thank you in advance :3
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