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  1. Thanks for the info, I didn't know I could get a Natu there, never found one. I'm gonna backtrack all the way from tanzan to nab one for Lucky Chant, EVERY time I fight Noel he gets that one lucky crit. I'm sick of it, so thanks for the help!
  2. Burning question, where can I find either a Scope Lens (So I can play up my head Honchkrow's Super Luck), or a Pokemon that has/learns Lucky Chant (So that I can stop noel constantly critting me)? I'm beginning to lose valuable funds with the amount of times he's destroyed me... and I'm running out of strategies.
  3. So I'm making two tiny sprite replacement packs for a friend for Reborn, and I intend to make them public after they are complete.

    The first is a tiny pack that can be used to replace a player character with a Kommo-o, with a set of Large sprites or a set of Small ones.

    The second, a full on CRAZY pack where I basically do random, weird things to the game sprites after taking suggestions from the people I chat with.

    Any suggestion for the crazy pack is accepted, just nothing offensive.



    (I do not have a source for the Kommo-o walking sprites. If someone could find the source so I can credit the author, that'd be great! That sprite sheet is below.)


  4. My constant name for Rapidash is Brook, I don't know why. And Kanto Persian? I call him Crate. There's also my namesake, Ezlo, my Paraboom in Uranium. Oh, and Old Orcus, Zapdos. Those are the ones I remember off the top of my head.
  5. Totally, I like Midnight Lycanroc. I'll hold off on a Lyc for now, I think I'm solid for the time being. I'll see if I can score a Rockruff via WonderTrade for later however, tho I don't have many pokeballs left to catch things to put in there.
  6. Hello. Call me sacrilegious, but I'm a GM for Pathfinder and Starfinder. I'm always looking for fun new things to throw at my players, so I'f you ever think of something weird or need an odd encounter or two, I'm your dude.
  7. So, teambuilding is NOT my strong suit, especially when the game's as tough as Reborn. So far, I'm at the Lv. 35 level cap. Been breezing through due to my WonderTrade luck, but that'll wear off easily. The Team so far is super sketchy, but solid. Glass cannons, mostly Clockworks, Murkrow Lv. 25 Hardy, Super Luck Has Wing Attack, Night Shade, Assurance, and (VALUABLE) Perish Song Perish Song is KING. If there's a bullshit level jump, I'll drop a Song and take the hits. Besides, Foul Play WILL be invaluable when I get it. Gretchen, Glameow Lv. 27 Hardy, Own Tempo Got Growl, Hypnosis, Feint Attack, Fury Swipes Standard attacker of sorts, mostly an all-around innocent choice. She's put in some good work. Amber, Primarina Lv. 34 Serious, Liquid Voice Got Sparkling Aria, Aqua Jet, Bubble Beam, and Disarming Voice My starter! Having a Fairy has helped BIG time against some of the early Fightings. Besides, that Sp. Attack is stellar for being a full evolution. Matilde, Sneasel Lv. 34 Impish, Pickpocket Has Slash, Feint Attack, Hone Claws, and Icicle Crash (Wondertrade 1. Also, Pickpocket negates the need for Thief and has gotten me a good starting-off supply of heals.) Super good! Probably the primary team member currently, that Attack stat is crazy! Beat back the Flobot easily with her. Rujurd, Lucario Lv. 34 Modest, Steadfast Got Swords Dance, Aura Sphere, Meteor Mash, and Vacuum Wave (Wondertrade 2. He's my ace card sweeper-only, I pull him out when the cards are against me.) My exclusive sweeper, I only send him out when the chips are down. Don't wanna just breeze through Reborn, so he's staying out of the limelight. I don't have a solid sixth, but three solid Fires in the PC: Brook, Ponyta Lv. 25 Quiet, Flash Fire Foehammer, Growlithe Lv. 25 Docile, Justified Maybelle, Numel Lv. 20 Quiet, Own Tempo Ain't got much more than that that's worth mentioning YET, I'm grinding up some backups. I also have a Lv. 57 from WonderTrade chilling in the PC, a Delibird. I HAVE actually used it to swamp Fern. Once. Only Flying-type I've got 'sides what's below Lv. 10. Also found ONE Shiny, a Morelull. Only real bartering chip I have, 'sides Rujurd. Also, I got a Pachirisu, heard you could've gotten a Zigzagoon in that spot, I personally would've preferred that, Pickup's TOO valuable, and Pach isn't putting in the power I need short-term. With Linoone, it'd be better and I'd have Pickup for longer. Oh well, beggars can't be pickers. I do have the Reborn Ball from the Lottery (Thanks, Delibird's OT), but I'll be saving that for something I PERSONALLY won't pass up, like an Archeops or a Zapdos, something I'm familiar and strong with. I'm off to a good start, but it's gonna get rougher. Might as well start some prepwork now, take advantage of the beginners' luck. Also, I've only ever gotten ONE rainy day. That feels wrong to me.
  8. Thanks for the kind words, it's real reassuring! Lemme just say, was not expecting the Poison guy to do what he did. WOW. I shrieked! I'm enjoying this a LOT. Also, I'm out of money. All in all, hoping this game gets crazy. [Oh, any bullcrap sudden level jumps to worry about? I don't wanna take a wrong turn and run into 70s with my crew of 35s. I'm surprised that this game's been kinda forgiving so far, my luck's prob gonna run dry at this Ghost guy my lads warned me about.]
  9. Um, hi. I'm totally socially awkward. Just putting that here in case anybody wonders why I seem so nervous. (It's because I AM a nervous wreck. Optimistic af, but a wreck.)

    1. Abyssreaper99


      Pretty sure there's a lot of us on here that are socially awkward messes so you're not the only one. Most people are pretty chill on here so no need to worry

    2. Q-Jei


      I can largely understand what it feels like. Lots of people had tended to consider me as such during my years in Preparatory School. Personally, I would even say that I'm proud of my differences. That's what makes me feel original, and I don't get lost in the mass like the others thanks to it.

    3. Candy


      I'm also highly socially awkward, dw~ 

  10. Hi, I'm Ez. Ezlo Farcarver. I kinda stumbled here on the words of some friends on our Pokemon Uranium Steam chat, and DEAR GOD I didn't expect this game to be so strange. [I just started the game, been binging it since Thursday, just got to the Lottery in the Lapis(?) Ward. This game's been crazy, and I'm thinking it's gonna get wilder. Also, the WonderTrades I've gotten have been WILD since the start. So, as per my tradition, I traded away my starter immediately after getting my first wild and got a Riolu, traded the Pidgey and got my EXACT SAME starter back. And the Lottery? DAMN! I got the numbers matched on DAY 2. WTF, so I have a Master Ball (Or at least I think it's the equivalent of it, this Reborn Ball). That's all just from my first week on this game (Or half week). I'm enjoying it.] So I'm going in totally blind, any good tips besides being smart with my IVs/team members and such? And is it true the Shiny rate is nuts? I'm hooked on this ride for the forseeable future. And, yeah, I can't say hi to save my life. I'm a total dweeb and a bit of a dumbass. Also, I GM tabletop boardgames, so I'm used to crazy worlds. And, finally, I'm the last Brony standing in my friendgroup (Fallout Equestria forever!) who also enjoys nuclear stuff. I'm a mess. It's glorious.
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