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  1. Reborn: Easiest: Julia, Florinia, Luna, Radomus all fit firmly in the free tier that I can't really rate one over the other. Luna's only threats are Sucker Punchers and Radomus only gets going if he manages to trick room. Julia and Florinia are (understandable) warm ups. Hardest: Shelly or Charlotte. Pretty standard opinions. Even post nerfs from her busted earlier episode state Charlotte still (nearly, I'm sure you can do it without it if you're better than me) requires you to use one or both of Trick Room/Rain Dance to not get double-OHKOed every turn, Shelly is a massive difficulty spike before you have a lot of options and (nearly, agains) requires a Fake Out user and one of the small handful of Pokemon that learn Rock Slide by level 35. Rejuvenation (Normal, I don't really have much experience with Intense past the first few) Easiest: Venam, Puppetmasters, or Florin/Florinia. First is a warmup, second is generally nonthreatening damage wise unless V12 changed them significantly. I may be somewhat biased as Contrary Serperior annihilates them, especially if you get hit by Uproot. I 1v12ed Puppet Masters essentially with a Beheeyem, and Aelita's coverage is surprisingly competent for being disadvantaged and will take heat off you while you can set up. Do they have any physical ghost moves at all, the only possible threat to a calm mind Psychic mon? Hardest: Keta (2) or Valarie. Revenant Keta is so ahead of the curve in terms of species AND isn't monotype that he'll crush you despite getting very little benefit from the field, and every version has made it more difficult for Xatu to cheese him. I don't really agree with people saying Valarie is easiest, she has an insane field effect, plenty of ice coverage, setup mons, a Primarina that can OHKO you through resisting water at least on Intense. Keep in mind Alolan Raichu can't be gotten until Angie or so as of V11, or I would agree with her having a hard counter, otherwise most of the Pokemon that can hit her hard are slowed 50% by the field and will get nuked by a coverage move.
  2. #PUNCHFERN "Evil intentions towards Team Meteor" is a surprisingly accurate way to describe Saphira. (And Titania for that matter) I also wonder how his nuzlocke rules would handle the mystery egg. I'd assume it's treated as the same location as Growlithe is, and I'm not sure if you'd even allow breeding in a Nuzlocke even if you don't use the egg itself. At the same time, it'd be a bummer to miss out on one of the potentially strongest pokemon you can get at this point in the game. (or Phantump...) Growlithe is fine enough on its own, though.
  3. "Poison mist is the most overpowered field effect" Fairy Tale Field is gonna send him for a loop.
  4. That's an... interesting way to interpret ZEL's sprite Glad to see he's seeing how good of a move Acid Spray is early game with the PULSE Tangrowth battle, now all he needs to do is stop sleeping on Wonga. (preferably before Corey or at least Kiki if Wonga's even alive by then) And if he's surprised how little damage he dealt to Tangrowth... looks at pulse Swalot and the (otherwise easy) Avalugg
  5. You don't even need to get to Shade, Shelly crushes anyone their first time around if they don't know what to expect. She's so much of a step above Julia, Florinia, and Corey it's unreal, probably the sharpest difficulty spike in the game in my opinion. (yes, even stuff like glass gauntlet, since this is relative to how difficult the game was before; none of the battles were really that scary outside of maybe Taka+ZEL, Shelly is what shows you what Reborn is about and it keeps it up till you get a breather with Radomus.) Going in blind is gonna be rough since you probably won't have a Fake Out user turn 1 or one of the small handful of pokemon that learns Rock Slide by level 35. Not to take away from the power of Shade, Aya (even Kiki isn't a slouch), and Serra (if you don't break her field and don't have moves that play well with it), though.
  6. Like others said, Ledian for me. It has the perfect balance of OP effect offset by Ledian still being (physically and type wise, special moves you're not weak to you can tank) now a glass cannon (instead of a glass peashooter) with an effective attack stat that rivals if not beats Mega Mawile's with proper EV training. It doesn't appear Power Up Punch is available as a TM, but once that is you also have the bonus of a super swords dance along with doing a modest amount of damage as demonstrated by the person who gives it to you. Typhlosion is another one I like. Instead of focusing on its already strong points, it gets the ability to become a hybrid attacker (with an extra fire damage effect that I don't know the mechanics of). Seems like whoever designed it wanted Thunder Punch Typhlosion back from Gen 1-3! (Also, works well with physical Nature Power moves). Also, unless I don't quite understand how it works, it makes a Modest nature like having a nature with two pluses instead of a plus and a minus (assuming it makes ATK = SATK if it's lesser than SATK, unless it adds part of SATK to ATK instead). Has anyone done testing on it? I haven't gotten to the Virtual E4 sidequest...
  7. And as for "why is it not OP like other crests", Pokemon that are already strong are more likely to get a crest that changes their game style or is more of a sidegrade than an upgrade compared to something that desperately needs something as massively powerful as something like Ledian Crest's effect.
  8. Big old wall of text regarding game difficulty opinions. These are somewhat outdated and based on Normal rather than Intense for the most part.
  9. I'm pretty sure you can actually answer the question "Is a pseudo-legendary available yet" by "Can it learn Dragon Dance", because I'm pretty sure every one that can is not, and every one that can't, is, outside of mystery egg Larvitar. (Which I get, considering how it's one of the most busted setup moves on top of powerful Pokemon.) Dratini, (non-egg) Larvitar, Bagon, and Jangmo-o are all unobtainable currently unless I missed something. (which I may have, I thought Vulpix was still unavailable but it seems to not be in V12)
  10. Yeah, I'm not implying people are harassing him to add it, more that people seemed to fixate on it, and/or some of them may not have seen his statement. You had worded your post (mostly the "take into consideration") part in a way that came off to me like he has to be open to changing his mind or listening to repeat suggestions, which is why I had gotten somewhat aggressive in tone. As for the word "friendzone", I almost always see it used in that context (in general, not specifically here) so I'm going to react negatively to it, though I don't want to argue about it further on the forums and ignite a flame war. I don't have enough knowledge personally to speak on the topic anyway.
  11. The issue is that he has. He said no, never. It gets repetitive, at least in that instance. Asking for features is fine if it's done politely, but asking for something already said that will never, ever be in the game is going to get on the devs' nerves.
  12. The repeated use of the term "friendzone" is gross and implies the characters are entitled to be your romantic partner (likely because they are female, though I won't put words in other people's mouths to be inflammatory). Especially because some of these characters likely don't have attraction to men (though I won't erase the possiblity of them being bi/pan.) Also, asexual/aromantic people (not me, I just use the general term "queer" to refer to myself as I don't particularly identify with any label of sexuality, but I am friends with people who are) play games too. Waifu culture is absolutely exhausting when so many games already pander to people thirsty for anime girls and make it sound weird if you're not. Seeing a game that doesn't is refreshing. (And, many of these characters are barely 18 if they are 18 or over. Also kinda skeevy.)
  13. Team I played through much of V12 with. I need to get around to properly EV training them and fixing their natures as EV training is so much easier in this version and I didn't see it necessary so far on Normal, but now I don't have much of an excuse! The only shiny one in my main team is Torterra, but it also was shiny without having to reset at all! (Serperior is the starter, Torterra was from the event) Pokemon I have used, intend to use, or are full-on rotation members (notably Mismagius, Typhlosion, Lanturn, to a lesser degree A. Muk, Beheeyem, and Lycanroc). Gligar I might actually train to be an Eviolite Gligar now that it's obtainable in V12.
  14. I'm not sure if just Meditite can do it unless you rare candy it to level 37 to evolve it, but it's also an incredibly hard hitting fighting type that will have High Jump Kick by level 35 as well. Medicham absolutely would be able to if you do have 2 spare rare candies, even through enhanced cosmic power. I'm not familiar enough with her V12 team otherwise to help if her lead Pokemon have moves that would threaten Steel or Rock types, but Sudowoodo from the shadow Bonsly can also be useful, especially if it still comes with Shift Gear. (Multipulse is like a weaker Judgement in how it functions, AFAIK, so it's likely that Multipulse is Water to be S.E against Rock and neutral to Steel.)
  15. Jan has already said that "relationship" doesn't have to mean "romance". I can imagine characters maybe getting little epilogue bits based on their reationship points, seeing an extra custcene or small gameplay bonuses postgame. I don't think anyone should try to change his mind. It's his game and vision, and enough games, mainstream or otherwise push romance on the player as it is. People insisting on it will just become exhausting for him. I think something more like little "where are they now" bits for other characters that vary based on relationship points are more likely, to me, compared to platonic personal endings based on them, as well.
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